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a game by Paranoid Interactive
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Viking sandboxes, simulators, and RPGs are all the rage lately. It seems like you can't turn to any game genre without there being some Viking incarnation of it. Frozenheim is the latest release to exploit the old Norse lore and package it into a city-builder / real-time strategy game. Is it something we should roll our eyes at or get excited about?

It's hard to tell these days. It seems that the Viking theme has been used so many times in such a short span of releases. Frozenheim does present a fair bit of intrigue, however. The early teasers suggested engaging management details, paired with the combat Norsemen are known for. We'll need to check this out for ourselves to see if the Viking coat of paint is finally chipping away.

Find Your Home in the Frost

Frozenheim manages to answer your questions about Viking integrity pretty quickly. No, the whole theme is not as tired and jaded as you would expect by now. What instantly remedies the game's concerns is the fabulously stunning environments each map is set in. Every building, unit, and environmental model look beautiful - complemented by the weather effects.

There is a game to play within the confines of this well-designed northern ecosphere. Frozenheim begins by offering a more serene experience than most games of this theme tends to adopt. You'll be using your units to build a thriving settlement in real-time to survive the harsh winters well associated with Norse lands.

The ever-changing weather and exploring potential create that urgency yearned after in an RTS game - but it's all peaceful and satisfying. Watching your Viking community grow is a tranquil experience - that is, up until raiders find you. That's where we get into the panic side - you'll have to fiercely fight off enemies with your units. And with all the peace around you, it's easy to forget to build some warriors.

Frozenheim does a pretty good job of amalgamating the city-building mechanics with the RTS - heavily weighing on a more pleasant player experience than an intense one. The building possibilities, progression trees, and the excitement of the world around you create an immersive offering. Perhaps they could ramp up the combat a little. But a lot of the time, you won't question it.

A Raid Worth Going On

Frozenheim is a testament to why the Viking theme is still so engaging in most genres. The mysteries, lore, architecture, and stories of the Norsemen inspire some excellent gameplay. Much to player surprises, Frozenheim seems to have gotten everything right here. What you think would be a carbon copy of Northgard actually turns to be a detailed management / RTS without overcomplicating the mechanics.


The visuals alone give players every reason to get stuck in. The sounds and music will make your stay. But it's the refined gameplay that will make you love Frozenheim. Even if you are a bit sick of Viking games - this one will make you want to write new sagas and sing songs of its splendor. It's a heavy nod of approval for this band of raiders.


  • Stunning visuals replicating Viking lore well
  • Refined crossover mechanics between city-builder and RTS that aren't disjointed
  • Detailed management that keeps players excited


  • At times exploration and management will become a bit of a drag

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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