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a game by Alpine Software
Genre: Sports
Platform: Lynx
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Ed Ringler (noted personal computer sports game guru) and his team at Alpine Software have put together an impressive, fast-paced hockey simulation that has almost all the bells and whistles of its 16-Bit big brother, Mario Lemieux Hockey for the Sega Genesis. This cart gives you a horizontal-scrolling, 45 degree angle of the action, with close-ups of fight scenes and face-offs. And like Mario Lemieux Hockey, this game is packed with stat categories, including traditional stuff like "shots on goal" and more obscure categories like "stoppages in play." This game has a team fa every NHL city and smoking sound effects and graphics. Fanatic Fan sez, "CHECK it out!"

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Like its basketball counterpart, TV Sports Hockey can be played by five people at one time. Of course, it's a great one-player game as well. Eight international teams face off in a full season of slapshots, slashing, and high sticking.

You decide whether to play with "full rules" (offsides, icing, and offsides passes are called) or "loose rules" Each team has three lines of players, every line rated in four categories: Speed-how fast a player accelerates and reaches top end. Strength-how many punches a player can take during a fight and how likely their bodychecks are to knock an opponent on his rear. Stickhandling-a player's passing and shooting accuracy and how well they control a pass, and Stamina-how quickly a player tires, which effects all his abilities.

Play too rough and you'll end up in a two-man brawl, complete with sound effects and blood! Yes, sports fans, this game's got it all!

Face it, ice hockey enthusiasts, you'll be hard pressed to find realistic hockey action in a handheld format. Atari's Hockey comes close with solid game play and a few frills, but it also contains a few failings.

Nice Hockey

Hockey, the cart, gets most of the game's basic play elements down cold. You face-off against a Comlynxed friend or challenge a hardknocks computer opponent. One-player mode's rough, even on the Easy setting. So, prior to game time, you can practice the Shootout and Fighting sequences. Championship fanatics will unfortunately miss the lack of tournament play.

Stats nuts get their money's worth with Hockey. The 22 fictitious teams are modeled after the NHL's '91 - '92 real-life clubs. Each team as a whole, and each player individually, is rated in eight categories. The ratings actually impact game play. You can also customize the statistics, and record a password to save your new numbers.

Hockey's action is well-intended, but suffers in execution. The meat of the cart utilizes the traditional angled, side-view look at the horizontally scrolling rink. The arena is well-drawn and colorful, but choppy screen scrolling and jerky player movements detract from the visual impact. An awkward three-button control interface hampers play, and a clutter of players on-screen often obstructs your view. Low-key sound effects and music accompany the game.

Other Hockey activities flow well with the total game. Face-offs treat you to a slick head-to-head, top-view scene. Shootouts show off a cool 3-D, behind-the-shooter perspective. You and the opponent drop your gloves and choke, jab, and uppercut each other in graphic sideview brawling. The loser gets a one-way ticket to the penalty box!

Icing on the Lynx

Hockey's missing elements disqualify it from Stanley Cup contention. That said, play this cart anyway for a moderately satisfying skate around the Lynx rink.


  • Pick a fight when your player is stronger than the computer's player. Win to set up a power playl
  • Angle your shots to Increase your scoring probability. Attack the goal with two players so you can score with rebounds.

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