Moero Chronicle

Download Moero Chronicle and dive into a colorful dungeon-crawling RPG adventure! Battle monsters, recruit powerful allies, and save the world from corruption. A fantastic journey awaits – play now!
a game by IDEA FACTORY, and Compile Heart
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Moero Chronicle
Moero Chronicle
Moero Chronicle
Moero Chronicle

One of the more fun lewd RPGs that I have played recently is Moero Chronicle. I had an absolute blast with this one and it is easy to see why Moe Chronicle as some people refer to it as is so popular. I ended up actually plaything through the whole game. Any game that has a bunch of cute and sexy monster girls in it is always going to appeal to me. However, it was the collection and dungeon crawler style RPG gameplay that well and truly got its hooks deep into me and made me want to keep on playing so I could see what Monster Girl would show up next.

One Man And His Monster Girls

I have to say that the more I played Moero Chronicle the bigger the kick out of the story I got. Moe Chronicle has us playing as a guy called Io is not the most confident guy in the world with the ladies. His best friend is a monster girl called, Lilia and she needs his help. You see in this world humans and monster girls live in harmony, but in a place called, Monstopia something has gone wrong and monster girls are on a rampage. Io needs to go there to try and find out what is going on!

Crawling Through A Dungeon

At its core, I would probably put Moero Chronicle into the category of a dungeon crawler. Most of what you will be doing is moving around these dungeons and getting into random battles with a selection of monster girls that you can try and tame and add to your collection/party. One of the things that I think makes Moe Chronicle so addictive is this collectible aspect of the game. I have been playing it for quite a while and I am still seeing some new monster girls show up! Your party can have five characters in it at a time and you level up and do the usual RPG stuff as you progress through the game.

Rubbing One Out

There is also an affection system with the monster girls. In Moero Chronicle. The idea here is pretty fun and something that many people love about Moe Chronicle. The monster girls are on a rampage, causing trouble, but you can “purify” them. You do this with a fun mini-game where you basically have to poke, rub and arouse the monster girls to snap them out of this rage that they are in. This part of the game is fun, but the controls here can feel a bit on the clunky side which can sometimes be a tad annoying.

I Love Those Anime Girls

One aspect of the Moero Chronicle that I feel may split people down the middle is the way that it looks. They have gone for a very flashy anime style when it comes to the visuals and as someone that gets a real kick out of anime chicks, Moe Chronicle is a game that I very much like the look of. These monster girls have a very sexy look to them and there is a great variety to them as well which is always something I appreciate. It is collecting them all (kind of like Pokémon) that got me very addicted to this game.


I have played a ton of lewd RPGs and many of them come and go and I just forget about them. However, Moero Chronicle is something very different. I love the whole monster girl RPG thing we have going on here. It is a fun dungeon crawler; you can change and tinker with your party and the lewd content here is something that I thought was awesome! If you like lewd RPGs and have a thing for monster girls, Moe Chronicle here is a game that you have to try.


  • I thought the story had a lot of charm to it
  • There are 50 plus monster girls to collect
  • I liked the dungeon crawler style gameplay
  • It looks amazing!


  • Some might not be into the anime looking monster girls
  • The purifying part of the game can be a tad on the clunky side

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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