One Step From Eden

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a game by Thomas Moon Kang
Platform: PC
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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One Step From Eden
One Step From Eden
One Step From Eden
One Step From Eden

This is not your common Shooter-RPG action videogame. Also, it is not a very usual card play, because it also can be a dating simulator or a run game on some occasions. Maybe there is all mixed in an interesting and not most expected videogame in 2020. Released in last March, is an indie project by the developer Thomas Moon Kang. All these mixed experiences of gameplay became One Step From Eden. Let’s check out more about this new game and find if this new point of view experience who has arrived, it´s here to stay.

About the game

This game is a big mix in multiple aspects as we said in the beginning. Based in Mega Man Battle Network, One Step From Eden gets an all-in-one from a Shooter, RPG, and deckbuilding. The story mode is very simple, get through battles in two 4x4 board who represents a world war zone. That’s the way for you to reach the Eden Doors. Our main character would be Saffron, but you can unlock at least nine more playable characters.

You advance towards different zones and routes, choosing your path facing enemies and boss battles in different scenarios. After every defeated boss, a new scenario comes along. Nine out of ten times, and you would face the big boss battle. There’s also a multiplayer mode for those who like to play with a friend but it is important to say that it is only locally available.

Mixed all

This may not be the best experience for gamers, but this game got a point. Maybe it is all mixed up, but it knows what it wants. Get the experience of multiple genres in one single game and get some fun of it. The game still needs a little balance, and the developers quickly released two patches to get the best game experience. We can’t say that this is a massive and super exciting way to see a videogame. But in the universe of videogames, it is always good to see some new ideas. Even if we don’t catch it quick.


One Step From Eden is fun and dynamic, quickly gets up the bar and after every defeat en the game, you can learn more about the gameplay mechanics. Maybe this will take a while, however, that’s not bad news at all. New magic and artifacts will be available, after that and give you more chances to comply with the objectives. Even one or two funny easter eggs can be founded in the process. The battles are going to be exciting and very high paced at various points. You can give it a chance if you want to try something new from time to time.

  • Graphics and visuals. Not the best point of the game, it can be the worst in the game. The animations and attacks can be very clumsy on occasions. Also than the game lacks scenarios, only six and the game boards are very boring and basic. The enemies can be repetitive throughout the entire story. However, there is good work in the modeling of the characters, which gives them some human breath.

  • Gameplay. With a brief tutorial, the game introduces you to the mechanic of the game but is not enough. You have to learn your way into the game, losing sometimes can be useful. There are some 250 cards for you to choose, also with 150 artifacts to get your gameplay ahead with a little luck and patience.

  • Sound. Nice soundtrack by Keisuke Hayase is the perfect companion of the game. It is perfectly disposed of for the right time in the game. The high and quiet moments are accompanied by a sound that sometimes reminds us of the ‘80s rock.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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