Rdf Rapid Deployment Force

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a game by Epoch
Platform: Sega CD (1983)
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Rdf Rapid Deployment Force
Rdf Rapid Deployment Force
Rdf Rapid Deployment Force
Rdf Rapid Deployment Force

People say:


I like games like RDF. but there was just too much distraction to make if a very good game. If there wasn't so much full-motion video or if it was better quality, it would improve my score. The missions have adequate variety to them, but you must be truly patient to sit through every one ot them. Although I don't think it's possible, this could be a really cool, two-player simultaneous game. I feel that RDF is only average.


I'm one that can sit down and jam to a great action/war game, and RDF has its ups but its not without its share of downs. The over-pixilated graphcs make objects hard to see, especially the ones you want to see. The missions can get drawn out, but for the truly hardcore fans, (he length won't bother you. This isn't a game you can just sit down and play. You must get into it and that's where the rewards lie.


All I could do when I played this game was nod disapproving. This is a war sim that dwelled too much on FMV (the bad acting didn't help much). The missions are so long, that ifs easy to lose interest. The control could have been made simpler if you could just accelerate or slow down with the pad instead of a button. About the only thing I like about RDF is the realistic sound. (Sigh.) And people wonder why I don't like war sims.


At first glance, the graphics look very dithered and may push away a lot of potential players. There are some decent weapons, but they look so primitive and the game play ts slow and drawn out. Some war fans may be able to get into this one, but I got tired of Rapid Deployment Force very fast. It could have used a lot of touch-up work on the cinema displays and a quicker pace to keep the action rolling.

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Sega CD

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Enter a war-torn battlefield in this interactive experience that pushes the Sega CD to the limits. Take your tank up against the enemy forces in locales such as the countryside of Eastern Europe to the desolate tundra of Alaska.

Whatever you face, you'll be armed with the deadliest arsenal your tank can carry. You've got machine guns that can carve up infantry or a 120mm cannon that will totally hollow-out a tank. When in doubt, you can always rely on your laser-guided missiles. They always hit the spot.

Rapid Deployment Force uses 3-D rendered cinemas to bring the global conflict alive on your TV. The cinemas will show the face of the enemy, what you will be going up against and even a mission briefing or two.

Rapid Deployment Force takes the Sega CD's powers to the limit. Think you can handle a plot to take over the world? You're going to need all of your reflexes and skills for this one. Are you tough enough?

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