Rune's Pharmacy

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Rune's Pharmacy
Rune's Pharmacy
Rune's Pharmacy
Rune's Pharmacy

If you are into lewd RPGs then I am sure that Rune's Pharmacy is one that is going to interest you. This is a Japanese game so playing it unless you can get some kind of translation patch, you may have a hard time getting through it. Still, as someone who loves lewd RPGs, I found myself pretty interested in this game and spent quite a bit of time with it.

My Parents Failed Me

The premise of the game is one that we have all seen before. The main character is a lovely young lady called Erunelle. She is pretty, rather naive, and also rather unfortunate in two major ways. First of all, her parents have died, but even worse than that is they were deeply in debt and now they are calling on Erunelle to pay it and while she is a “pharmacist” you know right from the start that she is going to be paying off this debt with her body before long.

I had a hard time following the story if I am being honest with you, but that is usually the case with a game that is very heavily translated. Still, the premise is decent enough for you to get a little invested.

This Game Puts The X In XXX Anime!

The presentation of Rune's Pharmacy is very well done. It was actually the trailer that really made me want to play this and that trailer I first saw only really showed the top down sprite-based aspect of the game. I love the sprite work here and while it does have that RPG Maker vibe to it, I love what they have done here with the visuals.

The game has some fantastic lewd scenes and as the game is Japanese, these do have the good blurred out if you know what I am saying. I am sure there is a way around this, but this is usually the case with lewd Japanese games. Still, the animation and the artwork here is truly amazing stuff. There is a great selection of hot characters and grotesque ones as well so I feel they capture most parts of the lewd game spectrum when it comes to the characters.

Go There, Do That, Fight That, and F That!

I got some very early Final Fantasy vibes from Rune's Pharmacy as I was playing it. You move around the map and talk to various characters and get jobs, tasks, and so on. You have a lot to do in the game and most of it is pretty standard RPG stuff. The fact that Erunelle is a cute character does make you want to help her out.

The battle system is very easy to get to grips with, you only have to worry about MP and HP as you fight and if you lose a fight, you get a pretty explicit hentai scene (all be it blurred) to show you what happens to her. It is not the deepest RPG, but I feel that helps you fumble your way through it if you do not understand Japanese.


I have enjoyed what I have experienced with this game. I like a good lewd RPG as much as the next guy and I feel that Rune's Pharmacy does have a nice level of polish. I liked the sprites, the amazing animated sections, and I thought the premise of the game was more than enough to get me invested in what was going down. I feel that if you like JRPGs then this is one that is well worth taking a closer look at.


  • I liked Erunelle as a character
  • The lewd CG stuff has a high level of polish
  • The premise of the game is pretty interesting
  • There is a lot of variety to the characters in the game
  • The RPG mechanics are very easy to get the hang of


  • The game is very basic
  • Playing the game in English may be hard

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