Paizuri University

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a game by Zuripai Games
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Paizuri University
Paizuri University
Paizuri University
Paizuri University

If you want a lewd visual novel game that has a sense of humor then Paizuri University is the game for you. It may not be changing the game in terms of what it is bringing to the lewd visual novel genre, but it is a riot from start to end and while it is funny, it is also pretty damn hot too.

Welcome To Oat Pi University

The story of the game is really the star of the show here. It has a very teenage sex comedy vibe to the whole thing and that is something I get a real kick out of. The story is about two characters. We have Bill who is studying photography and Kareen who is a pink-haired rocker chick with a real wild side.

These are two great characters that are a ton of fun to play around with as you go on this journey of discovery with them at a university that has more than a few strange things going on! Seriously, there are demons, tentacle monsters, and a ton of sex going on in the story that Paizuri University is telling.

Shut Your Open Mouth!

The gameplay is that of your typical visual novel game. You read the story, you get a few options and you try to pick the right one. It is the kind of thing you have done a million times before in other visual novel games and this handles it all very well. I feel that the writing more than makes up for the standard visual novel gameplay and it will be what keeps you playing all the way to the end.

You have different endings that you can experience and there are a ton of awesome sex scenes here. I do prefer the ones with the more “normal” characters, but there is some weird stuff here too. I am not usually into the weird stuff, but due to the comedic writing that is on offer here it works and I thought it was great.

XXX Adult Entertainment Swim!

The art style of Paizuri University is very well done. They have an animated style and it looks like something that could be on Adult Swim. There is a bit of animation here too and it works really well. The whole game has a style to it that I really like and while it is all played for laughs, three are still some very hot looking characters in the game so it is the perfect balance.

The music is not that annoying either which is great as too many visual novel games have soundtracks that grate on you. This one here fits the action very well and I have no complaints about it.


I was not sure what to expect when I got into Paizuri University, but it was a game I played until the very end. I liked it so much that I played it again so that I could see a couple of endings. I have played a lot of visual novel games over the years and this is one that I always have a very easy time recommending to people. If you want a visual novel game that is going to make you laugh, you have to play this. It also features some fantastic artwork with very nice ladies for you to check out too!


  • The writing in the game is very funny
  • I liked both of the main characters
  • There are some very hot hentai scenes in the game
  • It was fun from the start all the way to the end
  • You can get different endings


  • It is not trying anything radically new
  • It may be a tad weird for some people

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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