Sonic Labyrinth

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a game by Aspect
Genre: Action
Platform: GameGear
Editor Rating: 5.8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Sonic Labyrinth
Sonic Labyrinth
Sonic Labyrinth
Sonic Labyrinth

People say:


We've seen Sonic in everything from racing to pinball, and this latest incarnation of Sega's prize hedgehog is way out there. The graphics are pretty good, but the game just doesn't work right. The perspective is confusing, especially when you try to use Sonic’s ball. Sonic Labyrinth is really boring, with not many things to keep you interested. If you're a die-hard hedgehog fan, you may want to pick it up, but I just couldn't get into this game. It is too strange.


Sonic Labyrinth boasts some really nice graphics for the Game Gear, and I was having a good time with it. But after a few levels, the game became very repetitious. One of the major downfalls of the game is the 3-D perspective. I found myself knowing exactly where I wanted to go, but having problems getting there. The younger players may enjoy this title, but for the experienced player, this may be a little too simple. Sonic Labyrinth could have been a little more exciting.


Sega's little blue rodent is at it again in another somewhat fast-action Game Gear game. The perspective and control of this game is a little awkward and tough to get used to. When you do get used to it, you will find out that there is not much to this game. After a few levels of aimlessly bouncing off bumpers, you will become utterly annoyed. Sonic lovers might want to check this title out, but beware those who are looking for something new and exciting; this might not be it.


Sonic without his zippy speed is just wrong. Why not just follow the same Sonic Spinball route instead of pretending he can actually move while on his feet? The graphics are fairly clear, but the sloppy and poor control drags this one down for me. This title overall tried to mix the standard side-scrolling Sonic game with a worthless pinball title and failed. In turn, this one just comes up short in both playability and enjoyment, causing boredom after the first few stages.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Hr Of the three new Sonic games coming for the Game Gear, the most interesting is Sonic Labyrinth, a cross between traditional Sonic action and Marble Madness.

Sonic Madness

You'll recognize Sonic immediately, but actually this game presents a whole new look for the 'hog. In maze-style action similar to Marble Madness, Sonic zips up and down 3D ramps while dodging exploding platforms and laser beams as he searches for the magic keys that enable him to exit the maze.

The gameplay is similar in each of the four zones. Most of his traditional moves are missing, but Sonic still takes out foes with his trademark Spin Dash move. Maneuvering around takes a bit of practice, but the controls are simple.

The final subzone in each area includes a ring-nabbing bonus round plus a battle with a boss. These boss battles, which will be familiar to Sonic fans, take some doing on the tiny screen.

Standard Sonic

The graphics and sounds aren't special. The simple layout is appealing, but the itty bitty Sonic is a strain without bifocals. Standard Sonic rinky-dink sounds aren't essential to the game; you'll want to turn them off.

Sonic has starred in some excellent Game Gear games. This change-of-pace cart is a good addition to his handheld collection.


  • Some keys aren't In plain sight You may have to destroy an enemy to locate them.
  • Collect 100 rings in the bonus rounds and earn a 1-up.
  • Charge up your spin before hitting the boss, or you'll be in for a long night.

The diabolical Dr. Robotnik has tricked Sonic into putting on a pair of his specially made shoes that were designed to slow Sonic's running capability. But Sonic remembers that he can still use his Super Spin Dash to move swiftly about. Moving around mostly in ball shape, Sonic finds himself in a pinball-based labyrinth where he must search for the Chaos Emeralds to release the cursed shoes from his hedgehog feet.

Your duty as Sonic is to complete the four zones with three levels in each by gathering three keys in each and getting to the exit before time runs out. Because your running ability is impaired, you will have to rocket about the screen in ball form smashing enemies and avoiding the traps and the white goo meant to stop you in your tracks. The levels are detailed, featuring colorful layouts and multiple stages filled with pinball items. Control is touchy having the classic 3-D grid game problem with straight being diagonal and vice-versa. The game does allow you to choose which direction you wish to be represented by, leaving little customization for you to worry about.

The sound remains a typical Game Gear release offering little to accent the poor sound characteristics associated with the music capability.

Sonic Labyrinth removed all of the blue rodent's running speed and inadvertently destroyed all of the enjoyable gameplay expected from the fast-action hero. Players who enjoy pinball games may be impressed by SL but Sonic fans who are expecting a great Sonic title need to take a closer look.

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