Super Strike Eagle

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a game by Microprose
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 6.4/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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SNES jet jockies have been patiently twiddling their thumbs in the Ready Room, waiting for a combat flight simulator with the Right Stuff. Now it's time to... SCRAMBLE! SCRAMBLE! SCRAMBLE! Super Strike Eagle by MicroProse is the best jet fighting/flying game to soar into the SNES yet. The only hitch is if you can't stomach take-no-prisoners action, dizzying graphics, or hard-line politics.

Where Eagles Dare

Super Strike Eagle blasts a fierce mix of action-packed combat, thought-provoking strategy, and four knock-out game play views. If you're afraid that the thawing Cold War will make America's air power rusty, chill out. You fly nine tough- as-nails, pre-emptive strikes in five politically-hot Theaters of Operation. You begin with a get-to-know-your-Eagle "milk run". Then you strongarm four "naughty" little countries -- Libya, Cuba, Iraq, and Korea. Strike Eagle says: "They're outta here!"

A Boom with a View

Strike Eagle's graphics fire up the afterburners. All the F-15 Strike Eagle pix, from any angle, will make jet junkies drool. The animation's super slick, and the scenery is gorgeous.

Eagle's most eye-catching graphics features are the cool game play viewing Modes. The cart automatically switches between four sharp views: a behind-the- jet view during take-offs and landings, a satellite view on your way to the targets, a first-person cockpit view during dogfights, and a unique outside-the-aircraft look during ground attacks.

A View from Above

You spend significant time flying in the excellent Satellite Map Mode. Here you guide your F-15 from "outer space" across a Theater's terrain. You can easily see all enemy jets, your targets, and your friendly bases. You have to dodge a steady stream of SAMs (surface-to-air missiles), too. Satellite Mode automatically switches views when an enemy jet approaches you, you pick a ground target, or you decide to land.

Looks that Kill

Air-to-Air Combat Mode turns and burns. The first-person look at the horizon is familiar flight sim stuff, but the sky's vibrant colors are great, especially during night missions. You can also pick out nice detail on the enemy jets.

Inside the cockpit, the HUD (heads up display) and the instrumentation are lean, mean, and easily seen. The HUD enemy-busting cursors, the Tracking Box and the Aiming Reticle, move smoothly. You'll live or die by your ability to quickly comprehend the easy-to-read Radar Screen, which tracks bogies and missiles. Another key display is the WSO (Weapons System Officer) Screen, which monitors fuel and damage.

ProTip: Enemy interceptors fire missiles to the rear.

Ground Round

When you pick a ground target, Ground Attack Combat Mode kicks in with an outrageous, mind-bending Mode 7 tour- de-force. Here you see the terrain surrounding your objective from an outside-the-jet overhead view. However, when you dive you follow the jet from behind; when you climb, the jet flies up towards you! As you make your bombing run, slick scaling makes the ground, your targets, and enemy fire rush up at you. Turn and everything spins to scale.

To set up dive bombing runs, climb for height and slow down.

Breaking the Sounds Barrier

Eagle's sounds are almost supersonic. The effects are excellent, particularly when you're hit by missiles or rattled by gunfire. The music has a catchy militaristic rock. Even the engine drone inside the cockpit is ear-compatible.

Survival of the Fittest

Strike Eagle is a tough bird, and its meat- grinder missions will sink their talons into your throat. For example, Libya alone has 19 targets! However, mastering the game's crisp controls (which use every SNES button) will save your tail. You have Vulcan cannons, air-to-air Sidewinder missiles, air-to-ground Maverick rockets, and missile-fooling Chaff and Flares at your command.

  • You can slow down to zero and start up again as you're flying.
  • Fly too fast and you rocket by enemy jets. To attack, reduce speed to 40 knots.
  • SAMs and anti-aircraft guns only target you at certain altitudes.
  • If there's a bogie on your tail, put on the airbrakes. When he flys by, nail him.

Whoever's selling arms to the opposition is doing a great job! You're hit hard and often by roving gangs of interceptors, murderous arrays of anti-aircraft guns, and swarms of SAMs. The two types of SAMs test your smarts, too, since you have to quickly pick Chaff or Flares to escape 'em.

Use Chaff and Flares wisely. You can fly faster than enemy missiles and pull tighter turns.

Even if you beat the bad guys, the game ain't over till it's over. Landing safely can require fancy flying, especially if your ship's about to fall apart or you're covered with radioactive fallout.

You can shoot enemy missiles, but it's tough!

Part of Strike Eagle's fun is planning your attack. You must use fuel-efficient strategy to jet to and from your targets and fly like a pro to knock them out without sustaining too much damage.

Display the Satellite Map to take a break in the action. You won't bum fuel either. "R&R" here means "refuel and repair," which you can only do a limited number of times. You can only land twice per base during daytime missions, and nighttime missions are a nightmare -- you can't land at all! Two to Tango Two-player games require the toughest flying skill of all -- teamwork. One Eagle- rider's the pilot, the other's the Weapons Systems Officer, who controls all weapons and defenses. You each use a controller, and you'd both better communicate! The action's so frantic that your friend may wind up being your foe. Where Egos Dare? Serious video air warriors have no choice -- you must fly Super Strike Eagle. For extra added incentive MicroProse will reward the first 1,000 fliers who complete nine missions with a cool F-15E Strike Eagle color picture book. Strike Eagle soars.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Microprose
  • Machine: NES
  • Theme: Simulator
  • Available: 1992

Based upon the success of the computer versions, F-15 Strike Eagle takes flight simulation to a new high on the NES! You can choose from four rankings starting from Airman all the way up to an Ace! Choose from seven tough missions including a trainer scenario in Libya. After the mission briefing, take off and blast away the targets with your cannons and heat seeking missiles! Good Luck!

People say:


This game is simply too ambitious for the 8-Bit Nintendo. What's left of this simulator-shooter is basically an exercise in target practice with graphics and sounds that are something short of spectacular. This game is slightly better than Top Gun and other titles that appeared years ago, but doesn't possess much else.


I guess that there are things that an 8 bit system just isn't capable of doing, like being able to display a good flight sim. This version needs variety, better control and improved graphics. As a 'fly around and shoot at anything that 'moves game it is OK but it is far from what would you call a simulation.


An 8-Bit flight simulator, need I say more? Graphically this cart is uneventful. The 1st person graphics are choppy and offer very little realism. The plane is difficult to control and the actual feelings of flight is lost altogether. Games like this really don't have a 'fighting' chance, but then the system doesn't either.


Good-bye 8-bit! Flight simulator die-hards will grit their teeth with this game because it just isn't real. The average player who is looking for a good, fun game to play will have problems getting accustomed to the graphics, control, sound and game play. I hope their next attempt on 16 bit is better.

If you've yearned for a great flight and fight simulator for your Super NES, your prayers have just been answered! Enter Micropose's Super Strike Eagle!

Take part in assorted bombing runs and dogfights as you battle to rid the world of tyranny and evil. The breathtaking Mode 7 effects will blow your mind!

There are two main views that you will have to become familiar with; the in-the-cockpit view for optimum dogfighting ability and the wide angle overhead view for ground attack accuracy! When you need to rearm and refuel, you can attempt a carrier-based landing.

Super Strike Eagle's game scheme is simple enough; you take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier and participate in various bombing runs. But this is only the beginning! If you are on your way from one target to another you may encounter foreign aircraft. Go after the enemy and blow him out of the sky! After a few dogfights and bombing runs, you will want to go back to your aircraft carrier to refuel and reload. Be careful, if your landing isn't good enough, you will explode on the carrier deck!

Strap yourself into the cockpit of the challenging Super Strike Eagle by Microprose and catapult yourself into Harm's Way!

Beads of sweat crawl into your eye sockets. Chills shoot up your spine. Fingers fumble for control. That's what you can expect when you squeeze into the cockpit of Super Strike Eagle, the most realistic flight simulation ever created for the Super NES.

Super Strike Eagle will challenge you with outrageous aerial dogfights in 7 explosive war theaters. Each brought to life by vivid graphics and eardrum-popping stereo sound!

Twist and bend your way through enemy fire with wild roll and pitch functions. Vaporize enemy targets with awesome firepower. Blast a friend clear out of the sky in head-to-head competition mode. Or, bark commands at your friend as you fly together in the same F-15.

Strap yourself in for a wild dogfight with Microprose's new flight and fight simulator, Super Strike Eagle! Battle the tyranny and evil that has taken over the world by embarking on different bombing runs. For greater accuracy, the overhead view and the in-the-cockpit view offer two aerial perspectives. Pilot your bomber through dangerous missions that will test your shooting skills, as well as you nerves!

People say:


Super Strike Eagle attempts to tackle several game themes in the same cart and lends up being hot and cold. The dogfighting action is poorly constructed and really bogs down what is otherwise a quite enjoyable aerial contest. When the graphic FX are turned up, SSE hits the target - in the air, however, it's crash and burn.


I like the two different perspectives that you find in this game The combat missions are done right as they start out easy and get progressively more difficult. The graphics are very well done but could have had more detail. Where the game really shines though, is in the outstanding use of the Mode 7 scaling.


I was not too impressed by the graphics in this cart. The overhead scenes are cool and the the scaling is good. The first-person fights are weak and I expected more out of the Super NES. The game play is decent and there is a lot of variety. The sounds effects and the opening scenes are good, but not enough for me.


Ever since Mode 7 came out, few games have really used it to its full potential. Super Strike Eagle really comes close with highly intense bombing raid scenes and the good feeling of depth. Still, the drawn-out dogfights really make the game sag, when it should soar. All in all, it's a good title with a few rough pixels!

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