Total Eclipse

a game by Major Developments, and Domark Software
Genre: Action
Platforms: 3DO
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse
Total Eclipse

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Well, the graphics and all are really nice, but I'm afraid this title is lacking a bit in the control department The collision is really bad. I had no idea whether or not I was hitting an object. I could be hitting a wall and be a few inches on the screen away from it! It controls way too loosely. Even when sped up. it moves pretty darn slow. This game is just way too hard for the average player. Can't say I didn't warn them.


It's got pretty graphics and the texture-mapped levels look nice. OK, now that we've got the best part of the game out of the way, let's go into the annoying details. First, the cinemas, although cool looking, are extremely blocky. The music during each level doesn't fit the theme The most aggravating part is hitting the walls, floors, and ceilings when you know you're nowhere near them. This one is tough.


At first glance, Total Eclipse seems more like a science fiction film than a video game. The specially rendered graphics are good enough to tool players into think ing they're real. The music from the CD is great, yet at times, doesn't match the areas you run through. I didn't quite agree with ! the flight controls, as they were a bit too sensitive and your ship would sway one way too fast. Still worth the price of admission.


An eagerly anticipated title thal sadly doesn't deliver. Oh it looks great, but it renlly takes a nosedive where actual play mechanics are concerned. I he control was very 'touchy' causing the faintest of movements to come off like major ones. The qraphics are truly top notch, as is the music (the latter, howevei, is truly irrelevant for some of the stages, though). Not bad for an early 3DO shooter title.

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Game Reviews

Normally a solar eclipse is nothing to fear. A few fanatics might predict the end of the world, but otherwise there's no reason to worry. Unless, that is, you're an archaeologist who has discovered an ancient prophecy of doom.

On an expedition to Egypt, you've recovered some hidden scrolls from the tomb of Hahmid III. One of the scrolls promises that anything coming between the sun and his tomb will be destroyed. Since all of Hahmid Ill's other prophecies eventually came true, this one can't be discounted. What's so ominous about this prophecy, however, is that a total eclipse of the sun is about to occur over Cairo. If Hahmid Ill's curse holds true, the moon will be destroyed when it passes between the Earth and the sun. And if the moon is destroyed, the disruption on Earth will be cataclysmic.

Your mission, then, is to destroy Hahmid Ill's tomb. If you do so before 10 a.m. (when the eclipse reaches totality), the curse may be averted. You have two hours to complete the task, equipped with only a watch, a water bottle, a compass, and a gun. You'll also need some luck, because once you're inside the pyramid, weird things start to happen.

Total Eclipse uses the game system first introduced in Epyx's Space Station Oblivion. Known as Freescape, this system gives you a straight-ahead view of the scene in front of you. You can look up, down, and sideways, and move in various directions by pressing the appropriate key. To pick up objects, simply walk into them.

As good as this system is, though, it is somewhat frustrating to play. For one thing, the changes of view are too slow. It feels as if you're crawling through the tomb, and jerkily at that. Because of this, sometimes you press keys you shouldn't have pressed, and you end up doing something you hadn't intended.

The other problem is the view itself. There is virtually no peripheral vision, so you can't take in a whole room in one glance. In a way, the game's laudable attempt at realism works against itself.

Eventually, however, you can adjust to these difficulties until the movements become second nature. At that point, Total Eclipse becomes good, solid fun — not a great game, but a good one.

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