Turbo Sub

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a game by Atari Co.
Genre: Action
Platform: Lynx
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Turbo Sub
Turbo Sub
Turbo Sub
Turbo Sub

The next card up for the growing line up of lynx game is Turbo Sub. Guide your special attack cruiser through enemy infested territory. But not only will you be able to do battle in the sky, but you can also dive under the sea any time you want to really shell it out. Many attack fighters and enemy sea monsters will attack you mercilessly. The action is viewed in first perspective and the action never stops.

People say:


While Turbo Sub boasts some dandy themes, the execution of each of the different elements in Turbo Sub is a bit haphazard. Flying above and below the waterline popping off enemies is cool, but the play mechanics that are employed remain a bit haphazard. Not bad though.


If this is a sample of the new Lynx games then Atari is going to sell a lot of systems. The animation is great and the scaling...spectacular. It's about time that the games got better. It's a fun game that controls well. The in-and-out of water sequence is exceptionally well done.


Well I have been waiting for another good game to come out on the Lynx and I think that this one is it. The best thing about the game is that there are some really neat animation, and the game play is good, making the game very fun. I hope the guys at Atari will make more games like this.


Turbo Sub is a cool Lynx game. Now those are three words you rarely see in one sentence, but it's true. If the incredible scaling doesn't rope you in, perhaps the ability to dive underwater or take off for the sky at anytime is variety enough for you. I like the windshield wipers...

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

A fighter jet that flies as easily as it cruises beneath the waters?! You'll need both a flight jacket and a set of fins to take on this aero-aquatic adventure, Turbo Sub, Atari's newest shooter for the Lynx!

Deep Sea Dangers

It's the late 28th century, and intergalactic barbarians have taken over the Earth's skies and oceans. You pilot an elite Turbo Sub, a state of the art fighting vehicle packed to the gills with weaponry. Although ridiculously outnumbered, you must seek out and destroy the invaders, or Earth will be lost forever!

The Turbo Sub is an extremely mobile ship that moves as easily in air as in water. You play via a first person perspective out your viewscreen, with an unlimited supply of electro-plasma blasts at your fingertips. You also carry a limited supply of powerful mega-bombs, which instantly vaporize all the enemies within view.

Crusin' for Bruisin'

You guide the Sub across 17 levels of finger-mashing action. You start each level zooming high above sea level, but you have the power to submerge and resurface at your discretion. This is a powerful advantage over your enemies who are restricted to either the air or under the sea Cruise above the ocean surface, taking out enemy stealth fighters until your radar locates an underwater Gem Pod Zone. Gem Pods are 28th century currency, which you exchange fa valuable weapons and power-ups. Dive and pick up as many Gem Pods as you can.

Proceed with extreme caution, for Gem Pod Zones are always littered with obstacles and alien sentries. Some Gem Pods serve as bait for an aquatic ambush!

At the end of each Gem Pod Zone is a secret underwater supply center. Here you exchange Pods for a myriad of upgrade options including: Extra Life, Fuel, Mega Bombs, Multi-Blasters, Rapid Fire, Shields, Range Missiles, and Tracking. Each option's priced differently, so you must shop wisely!

Flying High

Turbo Sub throttles the Lynx's graphic capabilities to the max. The colons and the first-person scrolling graphics are a joy to behold! Special touches such as a windshield wiper clearing your view-screen every time you surface are a perfect example of the attention to detail. The sound quality is adequate with sharp sounding lasers and blasts, and the absence of an abrasive, canned soundtrack is a welcome change.

Turbo Sub's only drawback is that some gamers may find facing wave after wave of the same air and undersea challenges repetitious. However, if you're looking for a fast-paced, uncomplicated, non-stop, finger-bruisin' shooter with awesome graphics and special effects (and who isn't?), dive into Turbo Sub!


  • Quickly maneuver around the indestructible pillars. Bank left or right immediately upon seeing a pillar or you're busted.
  • Save your mega-bombs! Only use them when you get in a jam!
  • A better option to slip out of a hot jam is to dive and resurface moments later.
  • Tracking should always be one of your first purchases, since it automatically aims your guns!
  • Don't expect to pick up every Gem Pod you see. Caution should always be top priority! Don't be piggy!

As a Turbo Sub pilot your ultimate goal is to become Grand Admiral of the Turbo Sub Fleet. First, you must prove your worth, and it just so happens that your big chance is here. An alien spacecraft has sent a fleet of strange, futuristic ships to Earth. In this 16-level power-mission for one, you and your awesome Turbo Sub (a flying submarine) must promptly send those aliens packing by intercepting them with some less-than-friendly-fire. You start off with just one simple gun turret. However, you can purchase more powerful weapons, such as a multi-fire gun, Mega Bombs, and Range Missiles. Tough luck! Your enemies (the Saucer, Galactopus, Electrosphere, and more) are laden with mega firepower, too! Look out below, and above! Here comes Turbo Sub!

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