Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie

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a game by iMel Inc., and monime
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie
Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie
Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie
Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie

On this fine day, we are taking a look at Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie which is a fairly new lewd visual novel game. One of the things that caught my attention with this game was that it is not just on PC, this is also available on the Nintendo Switch. Also, this is one of the first lewd visual novel games to be released in 2022. After spending a few days with the game, I decided to put my reviewer pants on and share my thoughts on what it is like.

Jumping Out Of The Screen

Our protagonist in Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie is a dude who has pretty much lost all enthusiasm for his life. He works and then messes around on the internet, that is all he has going on. One day he comes across a new streamer on the VTube called, Ramie Amatsuka. He was attracted to her right away, she was fun, cute and she really perked him up and made him smile once again.

Doing It For The Fans

Ramie Amatsuka would become a very popular VTuber, getting over a million followers, but our protagonist was one of the first. The plot of Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie sees our virtual babe, leap from the screen and enter the real world as she tries to cheer our “hero” up and make him happy with his life once again. Look, I have followed my fair share of cute gaming streamers over the years and none of them have leaped out of the screen to make me happy, what am I doing wrong?

Building A Relationship

As Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie is a visual novel game, most of what you are going to be doing is reading. Ramie has a fun personality and throughout the game, you are going to get to know her better and better. At certain points in the story, you will get to make various choices here and there that can shape the relationship and move things in a particular direction as you would expect from a visual novel game. I do think that there are a few parts that drag on a tad without giving you any choices to make.

To The Left And To The Right

One of the first things you will notice when you play Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie is just how gorgeous Ramie is! She really could not be any cuter and it is easy to see why our protagonist was so infatuated with her. The way her boobs kind of sway left and right whenever she moves is something that I found very appealing. The whole game has a very bright and well done style to it that I think is very appealing.

I had a great time playing Virtual Maid Streamer Ramie. I think it is a great start to 2022 as far as lewd visual novel games go and it is one that is very easy for me to recommend to you guys. The game is “naughty” however, I do think that it has a great deal of heart to it as well and Ramie is a very appealing character to interact with.


I have to say that I did not have a desire to play through it again to make different choices once I was done, but maybe at a later date, I would jump back in and play this again.


  • Ramie is a fantastic character
  • The whole premise of the game is a lot of fun
  • Presentation wise this game really is incredible
  • It is kind of awesome how there is a Nintendo Switch version of the game


  • Not sure when I will get back to giving it a second playthrough
  • I am sure there will never be any kind of XXX patch for the Switch version

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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