Tomodachi Life

Download Tomodachi Life and create your very own island community! Populate your world with unique characters, foster relationships, and experience the joys and challenges of life. Begin your personalized adventure now!
a game by Nintendo Software Planning & Development
Platform: 3DS
Mode Single-player
Setting Tomodachi Island, a fictional island inhabited by Mii characters
Gameplay Create and manage the lives of Mii characters, solving their problems and observing their interactions
Playable Characters Customizable Mii characters
Graphics 3D graphics with a simple, cartoonish art style
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.4/10 - 53 votes
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Tomodachi Life
Tomodachi Life
Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is a three-dimensional cartoon simulation of life and social relations in a funny world, a generator of absurd situations, a cute and carefree game.

Startup Setup

From the first minutes of gameplay, the player gives his Mii (character) a name and creates a virtual island where he will develop. Each Mii has unique physical parameters:

  • How fast he runs
  • How much he talks
  • How quirky he is (in appearance)

After creating a character and an island, the player feeds the Mii and a computer-created friend. Next, the player is shown a funny cartoon scene with future possibilities: starting a family and making a baby. After this cutscene, the user is allowed to create other characters and interact with them:

  • Build strong friendships
  • Spend romantic evenings and fall in love
  • Fight and clash


Tomodachi Life is similar to Animal Crossing in its drawing style and character models (small bodies with big heads and huge cute eyes). Other than that, Tomodachi Life can be called a lighthearted version of The Sims.

A lot of character clothes are available:

  • Underwear - pants, jeans, shorts
  • Torso Clothes - sweatshirts, undershirts, tank tops, polo shirts, jackets
  • Footwear - sneakers, sneakers, sandals

Unlock all the outfits and become the most fashionable on the island. You can dress as a basketball player, an eighties pop star, a millionaire businessman, a priest, a hipster, a modern fashionista, a redneck - be yourself, bring your own style into the game.

The more hours the player develops, the more opportunities open up in front of him: additional entertainment, delicious food, beautiful clothes. Details of the game world are unlocked gradually. The goal of the player is to go out baby. The social simulation gives you the opportunity to touch the life of a married couple who raise a child and communicate with the inhabitants of the island. Do not forget about the counter "satisfaction", if the happiness index is high, it will accrue more in-game credits.


The ability to change the environment around Mii, change her appearance, make hot love, loyal friendships, create a family and children - Tomodachi Life. A good children's game.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Tomodachi Life, created by Nintendo SPD, is a social simulation video game that allows players to create their own little characters and have them create their lives, engaging in leisure activities and other such actions to please your strange need to be some powerful overseer of these mortal creatures. This is a truly unique title that takes the social simulation aspect and runs with it in a way that many other games do not. If you like quirky games that offer this type of thing, then you are going to have a really grand time with this.


The gameplay in this title is pretty straightforward. You either create or transport Mii characters over from the switch and then have them all set up in a large apartment building. These Mii’s then go about their lives, getting jobs, hobbies or developing interests in other Mii’s.

They do this mostly by themselves but they apparently can’t feed themselves so you need to watch over them for that. You can also buy clothing for the tenants but no one outright tells you what they want, you have to figure it out through trial and error.

Besides that, there are a bunch of different mini games available for you which mostly take place in the Mii’s apartments. That is all fantastic and there are some definite hijinks to be had, but the real meat of this meal is in the music shows you can put on.

One of the biggest pulls of this game is the ability to put on a show, get all the Mii’s together, select a genre and then customize all the lyrics of the song that is going to be included. I am telling you, this had me in absolute hysterics for a good while. You can make the unsuspecting participants sing about literally anything and it can be very, VERY funny. I guess, if I were to equate it to anything to give you an idea of what it is about, I would say its like a simple version of Sims 4 Deluxe Edition and Animal Crossing, with visuals a bit closer to Miitopia.


The visuals are pretty low poly characters that just jump around or perform menial tasks. There is not a tremendous amount of detail but I guess there doesn’t really need to be. I wish there was a bit more to do in regards to customizing your characters apartments, but you can get by without noticing it.

Humor and Substance

So, there isn’t a tremendous amount of substance to this game. Whether you create Mii’s that fall in love or remain alone forever, work jobs or don’t, there isn’t actually a lot to see surrounding those ideas. There is a degree of separation from you and the characters. Thankfully, that isn’t too much of a curse as if you have a childish sense of humor like me, it doesn’t really matter. The best parts of this game are the ones colored by your wicked and juvenile humor that you inject into it.


Although simple, there is definitely some fun to be had in this game. If you want something unique, go for this.


  • Interesting Visuals
  • Can be very, very funny


  • Lack of story
  • Hard to feel invested

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