My Village Life

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a game by Papucs Games
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.7/10 - 6 votes
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My Village Life
My Village Life
My Village Life
My Village Life

My Village Life is one of those games that will take over your life for a week or two and then you will only play it when a new update happens. I ended up playing this because a friend of mine had it and wanted to try out the multiplayer, we ended up roping another buddy in and it became one of our go-to games to play when we wanted to just screw around and have some fun. It is a strange open world village simulator that if it gets its hooks into you, you just want to keep on playing!

Living The Village Life

I grew up in a small village in Scotland so seeing all the fields, farms, woods, and so on that My Village Life has is pretty cool. There is no big story arc here, instead, you are just trying to live your best village life as you do little jobs/tasks for the village folk and get new vehicles, equipment, and so on. It is the kind of game where you will be making up your own story in your head as you play it.

Driving Down Country Roads!

The gameplay of My Village Life takes place in the first-person and this is the kind of game that is great to play if you want a game where screwing around is what the main focus is. There are many vehicles that you can haul ass around the map in such as trucks, cars, farm equipment, and even planes. The handling of these is great and there is a bit of progression in regards to making money and getting new toys to play within the game.

So Much To Do In The Great Outdoors

As well as messing around with vehicles, My Village Life also has many other things that you can do. You can go fishing if you like, you can take part in some target practice and even go hunting, you can earn money so that you can go and drink a few beers. You can even have a campfire and listen to music. A huge part of the fun of this game for me was playing it with my friends and we would just start playing it without a plan and then end up on some camping trip or tearing up a farm in a tractor! I do think that if I had just been playing the game on my own, it may not have had the same appeal.

Just A Tad Rough Around The Edges

I do have to say that My Village Life is a little rough around the edges in terms of the presentation. It is not a bad game or anything like that, but it does have a bit of a budget indie title look about it. The first-person viewpoint of the game does make you feel more connected to what is going on, but there are some real jaggy textures here and there and some models in the game look pretty comical too. To be fair to the game, it is still listed as being in early access and they have done some updates so the game will probably end up more polished by the time you read this.


While my buddy had to nag me pretty hard to give My Village Life a try I am glad that he did. It is just a fun game to mess around with and if you can get online with some friends, you guys can have a lot of fun screwing around and just getting into all kinds of shenanigans. It kind of reminds me of my days as a kid when me and my friends would roam around the village just having fun…. only we did not have access to guns or a bevy of vehicles to drive! Still, this can be fun if you play it in multiplayer, but I will say that I found the game had not much appeal when I tried to play it on my own. Final Score: 8/10 (knock a point off if you are playing on your own).


  • In multiplayer, this is a blast
  • It is fun to just mess around with your buddies
  • There are way more things to do in the game than you would think
  • They seem to update the game quite frequently


  • The game has technically been in early access for two years
  • Playing this on your own is nowhere near as much fun as playing with your friends

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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