Mega Man 7 Cheats

SNES Cheats

RUSH power-up

Enter 7235-7654-1145-2551 as a password.

Full power

Enter 6853-5646-1241-7515 as a password.

Ultimate/Vs. mode

Enter 1415-5585-7823-6251 as a password. Press Start to begin at the end (ultimate) level of the game. To play a Vs. mode fighting game, hold L + R on controllers one and two and press Start on controller one.

Hidden music

Hold B while selecting Shade Man. Music from another Capcom game will be played.

Passwords for levels

Burst Man- Password is 8775-2517-5412-8362; Cloud Man- Password is 8775-2786-7416-2272; Junk Man- Password is 8335-2516-5412-8232; Freeze Man- Password is 2335-2786-8412-2332; Museum- Password is 2375-2716-3453-2232; Slash Man- Password is 2375-2786-3443-2232; Spring Man- Password is 3275-2786-8447-8172; Shade Man- Password is 3275-3586-2443-8532; Turbo Man- Password is 2274-3686-2445-8438; Dr. Wily- Password is 2235-7414-3545-8431.


  • Super NES

Choose Your Weapon!

Just like every Mega Man game, the key to winning is knowing which weapon works on which boss. You could spend hours and hours experimenting like we did, or you can use the list that we worked long and hard on.

Dr. Wily Stages

Stage One: Guts Man

  • Weapon: Mega Arm

Stage Two: Turtle

  • Weapon: Wild Coil on Head

Stage Three: Japanese Mask

  • Weapon: Crush Noise on Nose

Stage Four: All eight bosses

  • Weapon: Use same as above list


Burst Man

  • Weakness: ... Burning Wheel
  • Weapon: ... Danger Wrap

Cloud Man

  • Weakness: ... Danger Wrap (or regular weapon)
  • Weapon: ... Thunder Strike

Junk Man

  • Weakness: ... Thunder Strike
  • Weapon: ...Junk Shield

Freeze Man

  • Weakness: ... Junk Shield
  • Weapon: ... Freeze Cracker

Spring Man

  • Weakness: ... Slash Claw
  • Weapon: ... Wild Coil

Slash Man

  • Weakness: ... Freeze Cracker
  • Weapon: ... Slash Claw

Shade Man

  • Weakness: ... Wild Coil
  • Weapon: ... Crush Noise

Turbo Man

  • Weakness: ... Crush Noise
  • Weapon: ... Burning Wheel