Syndicate Cheats

SNES Cheats

Super password

Enter -ND-SC-V-R-D-CH--T as a password to start game play with a large amount of equipment.

Expert mode

Enter one of the following corporation names to begin the game play with four agents in various countries with less money.

Indonesia: Enter R0B0TS as a name.

Paraguay: Enter C00LB0DY as a name.

Western Australia: Enter FL1GHT as a name.

Kenya: Enter BCHHLL as a name.

Bonus passwords

Enter W-MP--, -L-N---N-TH-D-RK, S-M-N-B-LM-NT, R-T-RN--F-TH--J-D-, B--V-S--ND-B-TTH--D, H-CK-R-SQ--D, or LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL as a password for various effects.

Passwords for missions

Mission №10- Enter BNX5-KJN8KWWQ-6V-C; Mission №15- Enter CBBLCTB8KJZ7TJFF5FQB; Mission №20- Enter CBBMKTF8KJ77TK-T0GGB; Mission №25- Enter CBLTT-F8KJ79---H-HCB; Mission №30- Enter MCSTT-Y8KJ79---TZKJB; Mission №35- Enter S9-LGPNHSKFVS2-SFB.