Wolfenstein 3D Cheats

SNES Cheats

Cheat mode

Hold R on controller two while powering on the SNES. Release the button at the title screen and begin a new game at the normal skill level. Pause game play and enter one of the following controller actions:

Full ammunition- Press R, Up, B, A.

Invincibility- Press B, Up B, A.

Full map and all keys- Press A(2), Up, B.

Level skip- Press Up, B, R, B.

Level select

Hold R on while powering on the SNES. Continue to hold the button until B.J. appears, then quickly press Up + Select. The level selection screen will appear. Select "S6" to start game play at the secret level.

Passwords for levels

Level 1-1: (none); Level 1-2: Password is TRKKHB; Level 1-3: Password is VHTKJF; Level 2-1: Password is VVTLLJ; Level 2-2: Password is RLKLHH; Level 2-3: Password is RTTLSV; Level 2-4: Password is SKKLRT; Level 3-1: Password is SNKLQN; Level 3-2: Password is PCKLRM; Level 3-3: Password is PNKLRM; Level 3-4: Password is QCKLSQ; Level 4-1: Password is MCKLTP; Level 4-2: Password is MNKLTP; Level 4-3: Password is NCKLVS; Level 4-4: Password is NNKLVS; Level 4-5: Password is KCKLMR; Level 5-1: Password is KNKLMR; Level 5-2: Password is LCKLNV; Level 5-3: Password is LNKLNV; Level 5-4: Password is HCKLPT; Level 5-5: Password is HNKLPT; Level 5-6: Password is JCKLQN; Level 6-1: Password is JNKLQN; Level 6-2: Password is DCKLRM; Level 6-3: Password is DNKLRM; Level 6-4: Password is FCKLSQ; Level 6-5: Password is FNKLSQ; Level 6-6: Password is BCKLTP.

Many Cheat Codes

Take controller 2 and hold the top R button until the title appears. Then go to the Map Screen and enter the codes. To enable these cheat codes, press and hold the top R button on controller 2 immediately after you turn on the game. Keep holding the button until the Title Screen appears, and then let go of it. Take controller 1 and start the game in the Normal Mode. In the game, press the START button to go to the Map Screen. From here, you may enter any one, or all of these codes with pad 1: Free ammo, weapons, etc. - Press button R, UP, B, A. Invincible Mode - B, UP, B, A. Entire level map - A, A, UP, B. Exit the level - UP, B, button R, B.