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Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed

Wow, another "X-treme" sports game. Excuse me if my excitement in these titles has waned a bit since NBA Jam back in the early '90s

War Final Assault

First-person shooters have tried to make inroads into the arcades with the most recent example being Quake.

Hydro Sprint

Not to be outdone by Midway's Hydro Thunder, Promethean Design's Hydro Sprint offers a similar high-speed water-blast.

Maximum Force

Maximum Force is a good light gun game, but not revolutionary.

Arena Football Unleashed

NFL Blitz is a lot like Arena Football in many ways, so after tiring out that once innovative franchise

Gravity Games BIKE: Street. Vert. Dirt.

Like almost all games of this genre, it uses the same cookie cutter construction that everyone else has gone with.

NFL 2000

Sega Sports is certainly going for it in both the figurative and practical sense.

Chaos Field

Thanks to the evolution of the shooter, survival has become an actual established gameplay mode, as games started incorporating a timed encounter system.