NFL Blitz 99

a game by Midway
Genre: Sports
Platform: Arcade
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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NFL Blitz 99
NFL Blitz 99
NFL Blitz 99
NFL Blitz 99

This game goes against the grain of all other titles with a year on it. Unlike the latest Madden or basketball title, Blitz has gotten more than just a graphical facelift. First of all, we're talking four players now. This means your buddy can be your blocker, receiver or whatever you two decide. It also means you have a teammate to discuss strategy with, as opposed to always being the one in charge. Midway made it easy by allowing you to always throw to your human counterpart by pressing both non-turbo buttons. In all other areas, the game is played the same as the original.

The play pages have been increased by two. There are still only two pages of plays when you start; the other pages can be released with codes. Some play names have changed, and some plays have been dropped. (Don't worry about your favorite play being dropped though, one of the extra pages will be comprised of plays from the first Blitz.) Also, Midway says the Al will be smarter (i.e., you could use the Back Split play to get through just about the entire original game--not anymore). There are more additions to the game of Blitz. Create a Play allows you to devise your own strategy when it comes to getting to the goal line. An unexpected move by Midway was to include an N64 card reader, allowing the player to bring in plays created on the home version of the game (N64 only, see sidebar).

There are now several fields to choose from ranging from turf, grass and there are hints at a special field not unlike the rooftop in NBA Hang Time. Probably one of the most important additions to Blitz '99 is the ever-popular "fire" effect. In NBA Jam and Hang Time, your player was on fire if you made successive baskets. Fire enhances range, accuracy and your ability to hold onto the ball. As of press time it is still not quite known how fire will be activated in Blitz, but it is assumed it will involve getting three sacks or three touchdowns in a row. With fire, the QB can throw farther and run faster, and no player on the team will fumble.

There have been small graphic changes as well. For example, a rendered character appears in the team select in whatever uniform you are choosing, and the players have new victory and fighting animations (including the popular butter churn dance) and more. The best part about Blitz '99 is even though it's a brand-new game, it's still the Blitz you know and love. It feels exactly the same as its predecessor, but with use of another player, it adds a whole new depth of strategy. On offense, you have a receiver or blocker that can instantly respond to you.

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