Madden NFL 2000

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a game by EA Tiburon, Electronic Arts, and EA Sports
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64, GameBoy Color, Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 8.2/10, based on 6 reviews, 9 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 4 votes
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Madden NFL 2000
Madden NFL 2000
Madden NFL 2000
Madden NFL 2000

Madden football for the Game Boy Color!! Four play modes--Season, Playoffs, Exhibition, Tournament plus a healthy dose of stats will make sports gamers quite happy. In addition, special juke moves and monster hits apply the "Madden" touch. Fully endorsed by John Madden and the National Football League, this THQ release hits the shelves fall '99.

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


As much as NCAA 2000 has improved, Madden 2000 has advanced even more. Honestly, I don't know how they could make it much better. The running game is awesome this year. Never before has cutting through the line been so successful. On top of that, the special moves are twice as effective. Often you'll think your runner is about to be tackled when he'll take the hit, brace himself with one hand and stay up for another five yards. Transversely, when you think you've got nothing but open field, a tackier will come out of nowhere and spank ya. The Al is definitely tuned for suspense and excitement. I'm sure some will think it too easy or unrealistic but that's not the case, it's just more strategic. Yes you can blast out some big gains but that's usually because the wrong defense was selected. While the Al and gameplay are the stars of the show, other new features are quite fun as well. The Madden Challenge has you meeting specific goals (yards gained, etc.) to unlock extra teams and fields. Hot Reads allow you to change a receiver's route from the line. For extended multiplayer fun, the Franchise Mode is available to several people at once. Madden continues to be the best PS football game, only this year it's widened the gap by quite a margin. Whether you own every Madden or none, go buy this gem soon!


Old man Madden is finally catching up, graphically, to the 989 Sports pigskin games. The boost in speed, animation, frame-rate and detail help make this game a bit more arcade-like, and therefore, much more enjoyable to the casual sports gamer like myself. This is not to say this year's edition of EA SPORTS' most profitable franchise is any less appealing for hardcore sports freaks. The Al, strategy and options are all up to par as usual.


Even a sports illiterate like myself knows a good football game when I see one. I leave all the stats-obsessed, name dropping, fantasy football stuff to my compadres and concentrate on Madden's game-play. The controls are tight and I know where the ball is on the field at all times. Running the ball up the middle and juking through a wall of blockers is both amazing to see and a rush to experience. Definitely the best football game this season.


I've never really been one to get into football like some sporty fellows--but Madden 2000 is so damned fun, I couldn't help but get into it. Maybe it's high time I enrolled in football school. What made it so enjoyable? Certainly the two-on-two multiplayer had something to do with it, but I'm sure it was also all of the additions the Madden development team made to last year's already amazing installment--which makes this year's nearly perfect.

After several seasons of falling short of the greatness that the NHL series achieved way back in the Genesis days, EA Sports looks like it's finally on the right track with NHL 2000. In the preview version we played, the frame rate was already much more snappy and playable, and the passing and skating controls were crisper and more comfortable. Two of the game's new additions, the big hit and big deke buttons, also added a lot. The deke gives you a shot at showing off your superstar skills and slipping past the defense, while the big hit takes mayhem to new levels with bone-crunching checks.

The Dynasty mode will also be a huge plus for hardcore hockey fens, allowing them to play a team through multiple seasons. However, there was still no sign of time-outs, a basic of hockey that was M.IA last year and that hopefully will manage to be "in the game" this year. Fighting's also been overhauled for a faster-paced button-masher feel, while some nice new graphical touches, like spraying ice on fast stops, should improve the game's style. With its'fun-oriented high-octane style, NHL 2000 looks like it's headed for a year at the top of the standings.

The granddaddy of the gridiron is back for more football action in Madden NFL 2000. This year, EA Sports is speeding up the frame rate and gameplay, while also adding a few more treats. In addition to Madden's great graphics, gamers can expect a more intuitive running game, the option to create and play any scenario, improved animations, player height and weight differentials (your quarterbacks won't look the same as your linemen, and so on), and an expanded Franchise mode.

It won't take long for Madden fans to notice a healthy number of improvements in this year's game. An infusion of polygons, deep shading and better proportioned players have done wonders for the football stand-by.

The graphic improvements are great but the speedy frame-rate is even better--it's faster in almost all areas of gameplay. The extra juice is most noticeable in the running game which, by the way, is much friendlier than in years past. It's on par with NCAA Football 99 in that regard. I guess bitching about it for the last three years wasn't a waste of time after all.

Combining the speed with an arsenal of new animation puts this edition at the top of the charts for realism. Wrap tackles finally look convincing as do most field hits (although replays reveal some collision discrepancy). Check out the sidebar on the far left to see a unique take-down. Individual size and power rankings have a lot to do with the se verity of a collision as well In other words, Barry Sanders won't be leveling many linemen. He'll certainly fake them out of their shoes though (Sanders is one of a handful of running backs that are almost too good. We'll see if EA tones down their ability before final goes out).

In an attempt to jump on the "smack-talking" bandwagon. Madden 2000 contains plenty of extra animation. Players celebrate, give first-down signals and generally act like fools after a great play. In addition, coaches, referees and cheerleaders adorn the sidelines giving the title a heightened TV-style presentation.

The play-by-play commentary is most impressive. Somehow they've managed to keep Madden and Summerall talking almost constantly. It seems like they react to everything you do on the field. Madden even critiques your play selection (whether you want him to or not).

Other notable features include the All-Madden Millennium team (top players from the entire century), hot and cold streaks for individual players and a situation creator. The situation creator allows you to concoct any wacky scenario you can think of, then play it out. Along the same lines, historic games can be entered at any point to test your skill.

Overall, Madden 2000 looks hard to beat. Even Dreamcast football games are in for a fight. They may look better but we'll be surprised if they play better--very surprised.

  • MANUFACTURER - Electronic Arts
  • THEME - Sports


EA Sports has used the slogan "If it's in the game, it's in the game" for years now, and they've never come closer to living up to that boast than with Madden NFL 2000. This game has everything but games being delayed because some deranged fan is running around on the field with no clothes on. It contains all the teams in the NFL, as well as several "classic" teams and all their stadiums. It's got the names of nearly all the players, too, although one occasionally runs across "RB #35". It's even got players of different shapes, so the offensive linemen are bigger than the wide receivers. The weather varies from sunny and calm (in San Diego) to cool and air-conditioned (in Seattle) to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Everything the makers of the game could think of, including full-motion video of the coin flip, is in here.


Watching Madden NFL 2000 is like watching a football game, but playing it is like piloting an F-14. In every phase of the game (before the snap, after the snap but before the pass, after the pass but before the reception, after the reception, just to run down the options on offense during a pass play - running plays, kicking plays, defense, and defense against kicks all have their own breakdowns), the twelve buttons of the controller do different things. It's a good thing there's a Practice mode, because trying to learn to control your quarterback in an actual game setting is like, well, having a quarterback who's never practiced try to run a play while 300-pound linemen try to take his head off.

Once you've assimilated the four or five pages of controller symbols in the manual, the game's still not quite playable, but after about fifteen minutes of practice on each play you're thinking of running (each team comes with five or six offensive sets, from which they can run three plays. Unless they audible, in which case they can run more.), you're ready to play. And once you've put in the effort to know what you're doing, the game's quite involving. The audio commentary (recorded by John Madden and Pat Summerall) is a bit repetitive, but no more so than the actual commentary during a football game, really.

In addition to playing "Exhibition" (one team vs. one team, start over when you're done) games, there's other, more complex game modes. "Season" takes your team through a full 16-game NFL season. You can re-align the divisions or play in the division the team is in in real life. The season goes all the way through the Pro Bowl. For some reason, you can play any game on the schedule, not just the one your team is involved in. In other words, if you're the Cowboys, but you think the Dolphins need a little help in week 4, you can go control the Dolphins during their game. In theory, one could play every game through the season, but people who want that kind of depth would be better advised to play "Franchise" mode.

In "Franchise" mode, you play a coach of an NFL team for 30 seasons. If you do badly, the team's owner fires you, and you have to go get a job from another team, if they have an opening, and if your lifetime record is good enough. Assuming you can keep a job, there's retiring players, draft picks, trades, free agents, and even contract negotiations to deal with. It's all very involving, and shows why real NFL coaches have a lot of stress.

But that's not all! There's also "Tournament" mode, "Fantasy Draft" mode, and "Situation" mode. The first two are relatively self-explanatory, while the third is mostly for NFL history addicts. The game recreates classic situations (Chargers vs. Dolphins, 1982 playoffs), and challenges the player to win. Once you do, the teams are unlocked and available for use in other modes.

Yet another way to play Madden NFL 2000 is the "Madden Challenge". Points are awarded for various tasks (passes of a certain length, scoring so many points, etc.) and for answering NFL trivia questions. If you score the maximum of 2000 points, you get secret codes that unlock parts of the game. Yes! There's STILL MORE of the game! But it's hidden, so why go into it here? Incidentally, the trivia questions seemed a little difficult, but the answers are probably available on the internet somewhere.


The graphics are great. whether the players are trash-talking, ripping each others' helmets off, or just running down the field, they're realistic enough that there's never any question about what's happening. The bigger characters easily shove the smaller characters around, and the problem some games have, where players "really" take up more or less space than their graphical representations (allowing tackles to be made from too far away, for example) is completely absent here.

Bottom Line

The more you like NFL football, the more you'll like Madden NFL 2000. It's a good thing that new video game platforms are coming out, because it's hard to see what else could be done on the Playstation to make this a better NFL simulation.

EA Sports promises that Madden NFL 2000 will be the most realistic football game ever put to a pixel. Although competing publishers might beg to differ, Madden looks primed for another epic gridiron battle with NFL Gameday 2000 on the PlayStation and NFL Quarterback Club 2000 on the Nintendo 64.

Madden is in the Details

EA Sports reports that it's tackling the details with Madden 2000 in an attempt to deliver the most realistic pigskin warfare yet. Aside from the promise of an increased frame rate and player speed, as well as new animations, Madden 2000 will offer more detailed turfs, TV-style first-down markers, and goalpost nets. There will also be coaches and players watching the action from the sidelines.

Madden's re-designed, hi-res players will be realistically proportioned to their position, so your quarterbacks and linebackers won't have the same build anymore. Also, each player's height and weight will be factored into collisions--puny defensive backs won't be plowing over hulking fullbacks any more. Even Pat and John's commentary has been tweaked so it corresponds more directly to the action.

Here's the Situation

Although QB Club's been doing it for years, Madden 2000's biggest addition will be its situation editor, which lets you create and play any scenario--like having to drive 99 yards in the final two minutes or coming back from a 28-point deficit in a half. You'll be able to jump into historical situations from real games of the past to see if you're an iron man or just another armchair second-stringer.

Stat-minded players will be doing the Dirty Bird over Madden 2000's expanded Franchise mode: Multiple users can trade players while playing through several seasons and tweak the salary cap like Jerry Jones. The Franchise mode will also enable gamers to track their record-breaking feats as well as their stats, which can be updated over the course of the season.

it's in the Game

Madden 2000's tweaks and twists won't all benefit the flashier side of the game. EA's pushing for some promised gameplay enhancements like an improved play editor that offers more control over motion and play-action passes, route-based passing so your quarterback can lead his receiver, and a better running game with new juke moves. Your players will also suffer hot and cold streaks, resulting in stunning performances or seasonblowing fumbles. And if your opponent hits a cold streak? Rattle him with the improved player taunts.

Will Madden be dancing in the end zone when it goes head-to-head with the competition? While we still have to wait and see, one thing's for sure: Madden fens have a lot to get pumped up about this fell.

Madden b poised to knock helmets with NFL GameDay 2000 on the PlayStation and NFL Quarterback Chib 2000 on the N64 In an all-out gridiron war.

The Stuff of Legends

EA Sports is bearing down in the trenches with the newest upgrade to its gridiron monster. Madden NFL 2000. In addition to retaining all the classic Madden gameplay features, EA's biggest task was to speed up the otherwise sluggish frame rate to produce the ultimate pigskin experience. Also on tap for this year's game are more realistic player models created by using multiple body sizes--quarterbacks won't look the same as linemen, and so on. Along with the play editor and franchise mode, PlayStation owners will get a situation creator that enables them to devise any predicament imaginable: for example, having to come back from a 10-point deficit with under two minutes to play. You can even throw yourself into a historical game at the most critical point and try to attain victory. Equally impressive is the new Madden challenge available on both systems: By meeting certain statistical goals such as throwing for 300 yards in a game or running a kickoff for a touchdown, you'll gain access to secret teams, stadiums, and other hidden delights.

Pigskin Powerhouse

Madden is once again shaping up to be a major contender as it returns to both the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 consoles. In addition to enjoying its improved frame rate, hardcore sim gamers will be thrilled by Madden's updated franchise mode, which enables multiple users to trade and handle salary caps over consecutive seasons; the new route-based passing attack that allows you to lead your receiver with a pass before he makes his cut; and the enhanced running game.

In the preview versions for both the PlayStation and N64, Madden NFL 2000 looked like it was well on its way to superstardom. Graphically, both versions were tight--especially on the Nintendo 64 with the Expansion Pak, the player models looked great and the new animations and post-play taunts were awesome. The sounds and in-game effects for both versions were coming along nicely, and N64 owners will be glad to know that EA Sports has expanded Madden 2000 s audio commentary. If everything proceeds as planned, expect the king of the gridiron to keep its crown.

Although it's too early to say for sure, it looks like the glory years of video game hockey will return with NHL 2000. EA Sports' goal was to return to the fun, playable style of the series' Genesis heyday, and at E3, NHL 2000 sizzled widi a fluid frame rate, comfortable passing and skating controls, and an action-packed pace that dedicates buttons to "big hit" and "big deke" moves. Depth of play wasn't neglected, either--die designers are adding a Dynasty mode for muluple-season play. With these enormous improvements on NHL '99, NHL 2000 ranks as one of the fall's top sports prospects.

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