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FIFA World Cup 2002

The trouble is that there's a serious lack of features offered when compared to their own soccer series.

FIFA '99

All the clubs, leagues, and cups! Over 250 club teams. Twleve leagues: USA, Spain, Brazil, Italy, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Custom Cups and Leagues - play your way! European Dream League mod..
Nintendo 64

World Cup 98

Win the World - For Your Country! All 32 World Cup France 98 qualifying teams: Take your team, with all your favorite players, to the World Cup Final and win it all. NEW! World Cup Classics: Play 8 of the all-time most thrilling World Cup Final mat..

Madden NFL '07

I think it's safe to say that Madden titles represent the upper echelon of football sports titles.

FIFA 06: Road To FIFA World Cup

So the next generation is here and we all expect the first round of games to blow us away and justify the months of anticipation.

Superbike 2000

Do you ever have the desire to turn your whole entire body into a piece of road rash? Does crashing into a hay bail at 90 mph get you all excited?


EA Sports' formula for sports games has been one of continual refinement year after year.

NBA Live 98

NBA Live 98 is a Basketball Sim game, developed by NuFX and published by EA Sports, which was released in 1997.
Sega Genesis

Triple Play 99

Fans of the Triple Play series will immediately feel at home with the 99 edition.

NBA Live 2000

Rim-Rockin', Take-Your-Soul-to-the-Hole Basketball! Jordan is back: Play Michael 1-on-1 and earn the right to play as Jordan and unlock him into the game! Prove it 1-on-1: Play as or against any current NBA player in the ultimate outdoor court chal..
Nintendo 64

NBA Live 2002

With flashy graphics and solid gameplay, they quietly set the standard for sports games.

Superbike World Championship

You've just spent two hours negotiating bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway.

NHL 99

The most celebrated hockey game comes to the Nintendo 64. Battle along the boards, feed the open man, patrol the ice! Game Features: beginner lever - pick up and play; coaching strategies from Stanley Cup Winner Marc Crawford; commentary by Bill Cl..
Nintendo 64

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

The 360 is an awesome machine, it pumps out stellar graphics and drives my surround sound system to places that I thought not possible in a game.


Prove you can handle the thunder! Featuring more drivers - Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart and Adam Petty join the field of 33 NASCAR drivers and 7 legends. 18 licensed NASCAR tracks, now including Homestead-Miami Speedway. New TV and Crew Chief a..
Nintendo 64

NHL 2000

For folks tired of watching the big hits and incredible scores on TV and instead wish they were the ones creating the havoc, EA Sports has your magic pill.

FIFA '97

If you're reading this from the U.S. just pretend for a second that you live in a country that really loves and appreciates the skill and intricacies of soccer (aka futbol).


EA answers that call with what looks to be this season's front runner-NASCAR 98.

NHL 98

NHL 98 is an Ice Hockey Sim game, developed by High Score Productions and published by EA Sports, which was released in 1997.
Sega Genesis

Fight Night 2004

The game has an instant fight mode and a career mode. If you select Play Now, you'll pick two boxers from the 32 fictional and famous boxers included in the game.

NHL 97

Head-to-head action so real you can't play just one game. You want more checks, more speed, more kick saves, more NHL hockey. It's all here. NEW Skills Challange: See how you measure up in the Puck Blast, Rapid Fire, Shooting Accuracy, and Puck Han..
Sega Genesis SNES

Triple Play 2001

With a few exceptions, EA's Triple Play 2001 is largely the same as last year's blockbuster.

Andretti Racing

Strap yourself in and get ready to go up through the gears.

F1 Career Challenge

Similar in many ways to the 2001 release (graphics, gameplay, audio), the biggest difference is clearly the career mode.

Madden 97

It's gut-check time for EA Sports and their Madden football franchise.

Knockout Kings

Finally, boxing fans will be able to step into the ring with Knockout Kings.

NASCAR Thunder 2002

EA Sports' first foray into the world of PS2 NASCAR racing hit retail shelves not long after the machine's launch. NASCAR videogame fans were extremely excited, that is, until they played it.

Knockout Kings 2000

Get it on as or against 25 of the greatest boxers of all time! Includes Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Evander Holyfield, and THE GREATEST, Muhammad Ali! Arcade-style Slugfest and Career modes. Super KO punches and hidden moves. Knockdown-dra..
Nintendo 64

Madden NFL 2000

The speed and power of NFL football! Faster moves and breakaway speed for bigger plays. Body slams and collisions, drag-downs and de-cleaters, explosive sticking and crunching gang tackles. Ultra-fast blur moves, helmet-popping hits, more scoring, ..
Nintendo 64

Knockout Kings 2002

Last year, when EA Sports ported their distinguished boxing simulation over to Sony's next-generation hardware, the level of anticipation among PS2 pugilists was extremely high' and for good reason.

NCAA Football 99

NCAA Football 99's Coaches Camera literally draws the entire play on the field for you.

Supercross 2000

Ride, Race, and Fly with Style! Choose from 24 top Supercross and Freestyle riders. Awesome handlebar-to-handlebar racing! 16 real stadium tracks develop grooves and ruts as the race develops. Realistic motorcycle handling in Pro mode or easier con..
Nintendo 64

MVP Baseball 2003

Like many other baseball fans, I had written off EA Sports Triple Play series after a number of lackluster seasons. Apparently the upper brass at EA Sports agreed and they have written the series off as well, at least in namesake. In one of the mos..

Ultimate Hunt Challenge

Listen up all you avid hunters, from here on there will be no more off season for you!

Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf

Say goodbye to “slide show” golf. Gone are the days of spending 5-20 seconds watching your screen redraw the view between each shot depending on your processor power and detail settings.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000

2000 Players Championship winner Hal Sutton said that Tiger Woods may be the best player in golf, but he isn’t bigger than the sport.

NCAA Football 2002

When EA Sports first announced that they would be releasing a college football game for the PS2 somewhere at the end of July 2001, my initial reaction was one of mixed emotions.

NASCAR 98 Collector's Edition

Like I said, there were not very many changes in this edition and just about every change that was made required a sacrifice from some other area in the game.