NCAA Football 07

a game by EA Sports
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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In terms of sports titles, I've always thought that the more accessible the title was, the better the title was. My theory is that as titles get better, developers learn how to manage the crucial balance between gameplay and simulation. NCAA Football 07 does just that by giving you a well rounded and feature rich football simulation with great controls as well as a series of mini-games that go beyond a simple football game.

Loading up the game, it asked me for my choice of favorite team, to theme the game for me. After that, I could play around with a plethora of different gameplay options. A series of what the game calls 'spring drills', mini-games that help you practice your individual football skills are some of the first that caught my attention. My favorite and the one I was most interested in was the Campus Legend mode. Simulating acceptance into a college based on your performance at a scouting match, you'll be able to balance academics with game practice and social activities to become a top notch athlete.

Once you actually get to play a football game in proper, you'll find the controls in this game to be enjoyable and forgiving. With good onscreen controls, and an easy to learn interface, I found it easy to get used to playing this game, something I've had very little luck with before. Not being a tremendous sports fan myself, I haven't played games like this for hours and hours before, something that's hampered my ability to get into other sports titles. Although I'm not a good judge, the AI in this title seemed quite good, capable of executing a large portion of your play without your direct attention, in addition to having the other team do a good job of kicking your tail.

In the realm of presentation, NCAA Football 07 looks good, but not great. To its reputation, it can show you a nice wide spread of the action, and also let you take a 3rd person perspective to get a tighter control over the character you're playing.

I'm no football fanatic, but I found it remarkably easy to get into this game and have a good time. With great multiplayer (I mean, it's a sports game, so it figures), and a wealth of different gameplay options, this is a title that should keep you entertained for a good long while. Plus, as an added benefit, you can take elements from your NCAA Football 07 game and transport it into Madden NFL '07, extending the fun. Whee!

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