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Ultimate 8 Ball

The opening screen is of a good-looking woman on a motorcycle making an entrance to a pool hall in style and taking a shot.

Bravo Air Race

Racing has taken on a new meaning in T*HQ's Bravo Air Race.

WCW Backstage

The game is called WCW Vs. the World, and if that doesn't give you an idea as to the scope of the monster game, then you obviously don't know the WCW.

Nuclear Strike 64

NUCLEAR STRIKE 64 for the N64 features more enemies than ever before, bigger explosions, improved enemy targeting, and photo-realistic environments! Control more than ten different attack vehicles on smart battlefields, where the AI reacts to the p..
Nintendo 64

Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling

Now every night is bowling night! Unsurpassed bowling physics engine for ultra-realistic ball and pin action. Cosmic bowling for lights-down, glow-in-the-dark bowling fun! Play as one of the Brunswick ProStaff, or create your own bowler. Authentic ..
Nintendo 64

WCW/NWO Thunder

Wrestling is big business and if you could do something that entertained as many fans as the WCW/NWO has, you'd be rich too.

Great Waldo Search

Based on the Where's Waldo? series of search-and-find picture books, The Great Waldo Search has you assisting Waldo's friend, the wizard White Beard, by looking for five magic scrolls that are lost in the Realms of Enchantment.
Sega Genesis NES SNES

Alter Echo

Take one part traditional game design, add two parts flashy graphics, and a dash of gameplay mechanics that haven't been used often before, and occasionally you get an enjoyable game.

Danger Girl

Sometime in November, THQ will be releasing N-Space's game adaptation of the popular comic.


VS. is one of the more confusing titles I've ' had to deal with this month. I mean, I still can't figure out what VS. is trying to do.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

This title is based on the sizzling Saturday morning cartoon.

Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael

Up until now, motorbike-racing games are one of the few types of games that have not been hit by every developer.

WCW vs The World

The Federations will include the WCW and six other wrestling federations from different parts of the world.

Championship Motocross

Ricky Carmichael is a big-shot Motocross champion if you didn't know.

Ray Tracers

With gameplay reminiscent of the classic coin-op Chase HQ. Ray Tracers has you racing against the clock and battling bad guys on six courses.