Aero Fighters 3

a game by Video System
Genre: Flying
Platform: NeoGeo
Editor Rating: 5.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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Aero Fighters 3
Aero Fighters 3
Aero Fighters 3
Aero Fighters 3

Aero Fighters 3. SNK's aviation shooter, is coming to its homo system. This title allows you to choose between 10 different aircraft, each of which has its own custom weapons and special attacks The planes are divided into groups of two from five separate countries: U.S.. Japan. Russia. Germany and Great Britain. Each of the pilots has a unique reason behind his/her desire lo complete the mission at hand Completing the mission with each character will unveil a new story every time, consequently multiplying replay value ton-fold.

Aero Fighters! design follows all-toocdmmon down perspective throughout the levels the pianos am the same on the screen and control in the same manlier The only difference is their weapons and special attack There are. of course, the floating power ups that give your weapon more juice by adding either a one-level upgrade with the normal bonus or a full power charge that is found loss frequently. Special Weapons bonuses can also be found lo add to your arsenal.

The graphics are lair at best and don't uphold the standard Neo-Geo visuals. Slowdown is another great concern, when there too many objects on the screen at the same time. The story line is a cheap attempt at giving the player a longer game by having them replay the eight levels over again with only minor changes to the Bosses and enemies. It's the cheap programming tactics like this that try to make Aero Fighters 3 Something great, but in reality make it come up shod In playability.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


Aero Fighters 3 is a tired shooter. The graphics are dismal and bland. Where the other versions had creative planes, this one just bored me. The audio was tinny and hollow sounding. The game-play was only average. As an arcade shooter, the instant hits are plentiful to the point of being frustrating. Overall. Aero Fighters 3 is a poor Neo shooter. You'd be better off playing Last Resort or Alpha Mission 2 instead. I would pass this one up because it's not even worth a token.


I enjoy a good shooter from time to time, but Aero Fighters is just way too hard. Difficulty usually isn't a problem for me. But in Aero Fighters. It's not even worth it to collect any of the power-ups. because It will only be a matter of seconds before you take a bullet and have to start over from the beginning. I thought the graphics were okay, and the Bosses were pretty cool, but it really isn't anything that we haven't seen before in a shooter. Playing Aero Fighters was more work than play.


This game is just another of the many shooters that have crashed and burned due to monotony. The graphics are grainy and bland at best. The multiple planes with their own special attacks is a nice touch, but it's a shame that this Is the best it has to offer. Playing Aero Fighters 3 and taking numerous amounts of mandatory hits is not my idea of a good time. Unless you must own every shooter made for Neo-Geo. I would pass this one up. it could've been better.


The graphics of Aero Fighters 3 are grainy and break into the fair category at their best, white the animation would be more welcome on a 16-Bit platform instead of the Neo-Geo. The 10 different planes, each with its own weapon, special attack and customized ending, are a great touch, thankfully adding more replay value for the stack of cash this title demands. Aero Fighters 3 is more of the same as seen before with countless other aviation shooters.

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