Aero Fighters

a game by Video System
Genres: Arcade Classics, Flying, Shooting Games
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 reviews
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Aero Fighters
Aero Fighters
Aero Fighters
Aero Fighters

Join in the battle against mysterious alien forces that are attempting to take over the world in Aero Fighters, a 1992-1994 release. This single or dual mode shooter game is an Arcade Style, Super Famicom, and Super Nintendo platform - created and published by Video System, Co. Ltd. The player takes the position as an Aero Fighter whose duty is to stop the invasion. There are 12 different planes that feature unique weapons, handling capabilities, and with various pilot personalities. The goal is to destroy the alien threat and to protect the world from destruction or further invasion. The intensely detailed graphics convey the atmospheres to a future like setting. Each mission will vary depending on which plane the player is flying. Battles take place with gun stations and tanks – by land, with helicopters and bombers – by air, or with battleships and submarines by sea. Aero Fighters functions from a top down perspective, which amplifies the overhead shooter action. With so many options in different planes, it takes great skill and flying ability to defeat the aliens and win the game.

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Game Reviews

The arcade classic comes home! The mammoth plane shrouds the morning sun--its shadowy outline masks its details and features, as it should: the jet is heavily armed with the latest weaponry. Suddenly, its jets roar and it takes to the sky! McO'River packs tons of action into seven killer levels! You also have four teams to pick from (and one hidden one). Play as pilots from Sweden ("I won!" "No, I won!"), Japan ("Why do I have to go along?"), the United States, and England ("Where is she?"). Power-up your weapons to obscene levels and take on menacing Bosses with two-play-er simultaneous action! There is even a secret code that allows you to play as a pair of powerful bunnies that blow the competition completely away! All this including hidden bonus" stages! Go for it!

  • Manufacturer: MC ORIVER
  • # of players: 1 OR 2
  • Difficulty: EASY

Another hot shooter is blasting its way onto TV screens in Japan. Entitled Sonic Wings, this shooter takes the common concept, and takes it one step further by utilizing a unique power-up system. The game plays as well as it looks: HOT! This game is destined to be one of the better shooters overseas. To make this game even better, it's two-player simultaneous play! Who could ask for more?

Awsome flying arcade shooter. Choose 1 of 4 planes, upgrade weapons and have fun.

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