Anna and Her Family – Apocalypse

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a game by Evildad
Platform: PC
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Anna and Her Family – Apocalypse
Anna and Her Family – Apocalypse
Anna and Her Family – Apocalypse
Anna and Her Family – Apocalypse

Life during any apocalypse is not easy, but people did not even think to give up, an ordinary family also did not stay aside and hold on to life to the last, as the plot of the erotic visual novel - Anna and Her Family - Apocalypse tells. Survival and love, what could be more romantic than building a cabin together in the woods.

Surviving amidst the ashes

The apocalypse does not come alone, it brings with it blood, destruction, and the complete destruction of the old ways of life. Many have perished, all cities and infrastructure therein rendered uninhabitable. The remnants of humanity were thrown to a slow and painful death by the restless nature and its inhabitants. Anna, an ordinary German girl, and her family find themselves in a situation where the only way to exist is to survive. Anna, her newfound family are completely cut off from human society and not sure if it survives at all. Find out how the everyday life of a survivalist in the woods goes in the story of the visual novel.

Forest is a new home

Although the game is more of a visual novel in nature, there are plenty of survival elements, just like in Forest. Anna has an inventory with everything she needs to survive. However, a fragile girl can't carry axes or other tools with her all the time, so restocking your inventory for certain tasks is one of the game's mechanics. Even with a whole set of tools, it's hard to survive alone, so Anna is helped by members of her small family:

  • Alice - Anna's friend and a new member of the post-apocalyptic family
  • Lisa - a girl who looks like a teenager but acts like a child. A cranky and fussy girl, she doesn't miss an opportunity to nag at all responsibilities, but after a nag, she does her job perfectly
  • Jan is the only guy in the company and a very impressionable young man. He especially likes to be impressed by the bodies of his feminine companions.

Way to have fun in the woods

Promptly distribute tasks to members of your new family, build a house and obtain supplies for a comfortable life even in an apocalypse. Satisfy the needs of the whole family and let no one die, just like the human race. Use the only man as a contender for Anna's heart or as a substitute for disappearing toys for self-satisfaction.


Stapocalypse and erotic novel in one game - Anna and Her Family - Apocalypse. Survival and passion mingle in the most ordinary post-apocalyptic forest. Control Anna and her family for survival and good intimate scenes.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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