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Once again Atari dips into its bag of arcade hits and pulls out a pint-sized but faithful translation for the Lynx-A.P.B! A.P.B. stands for "All Points Bulletin," the radio call sign used to alert the police to an important announcement. Well, here's an A.P.B. for all Lynx lovers out there!

Calling All Cars

You are Officer Bob, a green-as-grass rookie cop fresh out of the academy assigned to patrol the streets of the big and nasty city. This overhead 360-degree-scrolling game, places you in a squad car armed with a gun and a siren. At the start of each day you get an assignment with a quota of criminals to apprehend.

Criminals drive vehicles and range from fairly innocuous litterbugs and speeding taxi drivers to ruthless assault bikers and bomb-tossing murderers! There are two ways to apprehend the violators: point your crosshairs at the suspect and hit the siren or ram the offender's car several times. Once you gain experience you receive a sudden A.P.B. calling for the arrest of a major criminal!

To Serve and to Protect

Good A.P.B. police work requires sound judgment as well as quick reflexes. Each day you only get a certain amount of fuel and time to meet your quota. Fortunately, the city streets are filled with donuts and donut shops, which provide valuable time, and gas stations.

Make a wrong move and you get Demerits. Ten means you must turn in your badge and return to civilian life. You get Demerits for errors such as running over pedestrians, blowing up your car. and failing to meet your quota. Every 8,000 points erases a Demerit, and the thieves have also dropped money bags, which contain valuable bonus points, Demerit credits, and other goodies. Be careful though, some money bags are booby-trapped!

Every couple of days or so, you receive a budget that enables you to purchase upgrades for your squad car such as faster acceleration, tighter brakes, radar, armor, and a gun.

An Arresting Adventure!

A.P.B. is a top cop cart. It's extremely fast-moving and challenging. The colorful graphics are very detailed and well-rendered. Check out all the little details on the buildings and at the sides of the road. The music and sound effects are also well done featuring amusing digitized voices, which cheer you on and guide you throughout the game!

A.P.B. is a solid, entertaining Lynx hit sure to please video rookies and veterans alike!


  • Load up on as many donuts as you can. Time left over after making your quota earns you extra bonus points which help to erase demerits!
  • Sound the siren only when you have the suspect in your sights. Using the siren too much will scare the baddies straight and make you miss your quota!
  • The training course is a free bonus buffet! Load up on as many as you can get within the allotted time!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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