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a game by T4bbo
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Babysitters is a game that completely blew me away. I have played a ton of lewd visual novel style games and I came into this one here not expecting much to be honest with you. However, it is so well made in pretty much every regard that I found myself pretty hooked on this. Not even just because the lewd content is great, the story, characters, and the choices that you get to make are all handled very well. This is a game that should be used as an example to show other developers how to make a lewd game!

The Temptations Of Life

Do not be put off by the rather generic premise that Babysitters has. The basics of the story are that we have a married couple and the husband is a photographer and the wife is sick of looking after the baby and wants to go back to work. However, the husband is busy too so they need to hire a babysitter. There is the husband's sexy and spoiled stepdaughter, but she is no good, they need to find the right babysitter for them.

Getting Your Head Turned

I am very sorry for that terrible love island reference; I promise you that will never happen again. However, that saying is very applicable to Babysitters. You see, you ultimately get to decide who cheats in this story and it sounds like the kind of thing you have done many times before in other lewd games, but this game is so character driven that you actually care about what is happening here. It is the kind of thing that is hard to explain, you just have to play it for yourself and experience it.

Thinking About The Future

As is the case with the majority of lewd games, Babysitters has many choices for you to make. I for one am very, very happy this is the way that the game plays. There is no forced and annoying sandbox elements in this game, no clicking forever to get someone to take a bath or buy something at the store! The gameplay is 100 percent focused on moving the story forward and it is very easy to get into.

If You Want Porn, Go Watch It!

One thing that many lewd games fail with is trying to be like an interactive porn movie! Very rarely does that work and I like the approach Babysitters takes to its lewd content. The XXX scenes in this game may not be fluidly animated, but because of the connection that you build with the characters, they have far more of an impact when you get one. In all, I feel that this is a very good looking game and I like how all of the characters look different and are not just copy and paste jobs, it makes things so much more interesting.


I came into Babysitters expecting it to be like a 7/10 style lewd visual novel and I probably would have been happy with that. Instead, what I got was a compelling and interesting story that featured a bunch of interesting and well written characters that I grew to care about. This is a must play game if you are into lewd visual novels! It is one of the better ones that I have had the pleasure to play over the last year or so.


  • I liked the husband/wife dynamic of the story
  • There is a bit of “taboo” here in the story
  • You care about the characters and what is going to happen to them
  • It is the kind of game I wanted to play through again as soon as it was done


  • It may not have the animation you want in a XXX game
  • The premise sound so generic, some people may pass this one over

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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