Bad Apple Wars

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a game by Otomate
Platform: PS Vita
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Bad Apple Wars
Bad Apple Wars
Bad Apple Wars

I have to say that Bad Apple Wars is one of the most strange names for a visual novel I have come across in quite some time. Still, the premise of this game alone was what got me interested. This along with the comic book style make this a very eye-catching game and one that I so, so wanted to knock my socks off.

Do You Want To Live

The premise of the game is one of the best I have seen in a visual novel game. Our main character is on her way to a new school when she is in a tragic car accident. She “awakens” however she is not in our world, instead she is in a place that is kind of like limbo and this place is called, NEVAEH Academy and it is a school for lost souls, souls that have so much baggage they cannot move onto the afterlife.

Bad Apple Wars gives her the chance to be a good or bad apple. She can try and get over the events that caused her to be here, or she can fight and see if she can get another chance at life. I was so in when I read the premise of this game, but it sadly does not live up to the premise when you play through the game. It is a story that has tragedy and comedy, but they feel like they are fighting with each other.

Laughing And Crying

The gameplay on offer here is that of a typical visual novel game. You read the story and you make various choices. There are many people that you can “connect” with within this game and at certain points as well as having to make dialogue choices, you also have to “touch” them in the right spot. This is technically lewd I guess, but those hopeful of hardcore nudity and sex may be very disappointed.

There are many different routes that you can take, but from what I could tell there was no official good ending which annoyed me as the premise was so good, I wanted an ending that felt complete. The game is rather repetitive, so I would guess that most people will not experience all of the routes Bad Apple Wars is offering.

Straight From The Page

As well as that awesome premise it was the comic book style presentation that grabbed my attention too. I would wager that the people behind this game were heavily influenced by the Persona series as I get major Persona vibes from the way this game looks and I mean that as a major compliment.

The sound design in the game is also very well done. It features some awesome music that once again feels like something you would hear in a Persona game. The characters are fully voice acted and the voice actors do a great job bringing these lost souls to life.


You have no idea how much I wanted to love Bad Apple Wars! I am not saying it is bad or anything like that, but I was so interested in the premise and attracted to those visuals that I thought for sure this was going to be a visual novel I got very invested in. I did enjoy my time with it, but I wanted more from the story and I did not end up playing through all of the routes as a result as it felt like I was treading the same ground far more than I would have liked.


  • The idea of this school for lost souls is awesome
  • There are some interesting characters you meet with
  • The touching thing is certainly different
  • This is one amazing looking game
  • The music is truly amazing as is the voice acting


  • What is the official ending???
  • The game gets very repetitive

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