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a game by Atlus
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 10 votes
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Two issues back we had a preview version of Persona and was able to give readers some info even though the version featured was entirely in Japanese. As talented as we can be. we weren't able to get a full translation before press time. We recently received new version of the game and are happy to announce that it's just about done and better yet, it's in English.

The main thing that's different about the recent version Atlus sent to us is the language used in the game. No graphic elements have been changed from last month, but now we'll be able to get further into the game with shots that really show what the game is about.

Orchestrated music has been added along with some realistic sound effects that create a great atmosphere. When gamers walk through the school, they hear fellow students in the background and the sound of their feet clicking on the tile floor.

The music inside the school is bouncy and happy, while the music in a dungeon is more dramatic.

In case readers didn't catch the early Next Wave on Persona in issue #88, here's a quick overview of the story line: An evil corporation that has recently moved into town is working on a dimensional portal that'll allow people to travel to and from other dimensions.

Unfortunately the corporation's motives are evil, and the VP of the corporation, Guido, doesn't want anyone to interfere. A group of teens (the main characters of the game) from the town eventually find out that their young friend Mary is in trouble. It's their job to save her and the town-maybe even the world-since demons have made their way through the portal.

Gamers have had the opportunity of playing many different RPGs in their video game lives. Some come along that have something special (games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Lunar to name a few). Persona is something that we don't see all that often. Gamers who are familiar with EarthBound on the Super NES know about RPGs that take place in the present. Persona is similar in this aspect.

The characters of the game walk around in an average, everyday city doing average, everyday things-that is, until the clemons came along and learned about their special magic abilities.

There is a large amount of characters to meet in the game. Some are members of the party while others are townspeople. Of course, players will meet enemies throughout the adventure. Guido, the aforementioned leader of the dimensional chaos, knows what he is doing is evil, but he doesn't really care-after all, he is evil.

As mentioned in the Persona Next Wave a couple of months ago, the game is part of the Megami Tensai series, a popular RPG series in Japan. This will be the first time any game from that series has come to U.S. shores. The main reason for this, according to Atlus software, are the demonic/satanic overtones.

Gamers who want something different in an RPG should check out Persona when it hits store shelves. It has an incredible amount of options and a story line that makes you want to keep playing from beginning to end.

Gamer's EDGE

Persona features the magic power known as Persona (hence the name). These Persona are versions of the character that are hidden inside of them. They can be released and used to heal the party or destroy the enemy. Each character has his or her own special Persona. As levels are gained, new Personas become available. Gamers can find the Velvet Room which is used to combine two Personas to make a new one. This way. the types of Persona that a player can have are large.


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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Already a hit series in Japan, Revelations is finally available in the States. Persona, the first chapter in the series, has roots in the Megami Tensei games that hit the NES seven years ago. Atlus promises many chapters to follow.

In Persona, you don't automatically fight enemies when you encounter them. Conversations can draw them to your side and bring you new spells. The complex story line leads to battles with 300 demons as you defend your homeland. The title refers to the game's morphing sequences: Members of your party harness new powers by changing to new personas.

Already a huge hit in Japan, Revelations: Persona makes a stellar U.S. debut on the PlayStation. Based on Japan's popular Me-gami Tensei series, RP is perhaps even better than the current top PlayStation RPG, Suikoden, and may even challenge the upcoming Final Fantasy VII as the season's best RPG.

Powerful Personas

Set in modern-day Tokyo, RP takes you on an incredible journey through different dimensions to fight demons with swords, guns, and magical abilities called personas. You start the game as a normal teenager, but as you adopt personas during gameplay, you get supernatural powers. The immense story line has many plot twists, more than 300 monsters, and several possible endings, making this a game with great replay value.

The controls also make this an excellent game. First, maneuvering from one place to another is easy and quick, thanks to an efficient Wizardry-style interface. Next, the game really moves along because information is laid out clearly, so you can quickly gauge the enemy's strength. Finally, the controls enable you to experiment with a variety of personas, a fun prospect when you're able to turn into different monsters.

Revealing Revelations

The graphics are superb, both during gameplay and in the full-motion video (FMV) scenes. The walls are eerily shaded to give a sense of uneasiness as you search dark corridors. During the overhead view battles, you won't see the pixelation often found in other RPGs like Suikoden. Best of all, check out the holographic special effects when you use magic.

Although the game has more text than audio, the sound almost matches the graphics in quality. You'll hear signature battle calls for each character during a melee. While a voice-over during the FMV intro would have added more mystery, the music and special effects during gameplay and the cut scenes are still excellent.

If you aren't familiar with the Revelations series, this is the perfect chance to jump into a deep, exciting new experience. For those role-playing gamers who know what Revelations is all about, enjoy this game, and start looking forward to the sequels that are in the works.


  • Save Mary's devastating personas for moments when you're desperate for an offensive boost
  • Position Nate so he takes on the largest foe. His sword attacks are lethal.
  • To maximize your firepower, keep missile-carrying characters in the back of your battle formation.
  • Save at the Augustus Tree as often as you can. You never know what's around the comer, especially if you're In another dimension.
  • In the beginning of the game, search the classrooms for clues and Items.
  • In Avidea World, go visit Igor and be sure to have your spell cards ready. He'll negotiate deals with demons so you can get new personas.
  • If you're In dire need of health, avoid additional encounters and search for Kelly, the water nymph who can rejuvenate you with her fountain.

PlayStation-owning RPG fans will finally see an end to their suffering with the release of Beyond the Beyond from Sony. It's not a very remarkable game, but seems like a gem, thanks to the dearth of similar games.The graphics look pretty nice and screen-shots really can't convey the zooming and movement in the game.The characters and enemies look a tad pixelly due to zooming, but it doesn't detract horribly.The story's nothing special, but the final U.S. version may be improved from the original, so you never know....

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