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Two issues back EGM had a preview version of Persona and was able to give readers some info even though the version featured was entirely in Japanese.

Power Instinct

The Power Instinct series is renowned for its more humorous take on fighting games, its music and its often-weird characters.
Sega Genesis SNES

Tactics Ogre

The cult favorite Tactics Ogre Battle is returning to the PlayStation in a different form.

Ogre Battle

The game serves as a side story (or gaiden) to Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, taking place at the same time and following the quest of Prince Tristan—who also appears in the aforementioned title—from its beginning.

Wacky Races

The game is based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Wacky Races, starring Muttley and Dick Dastardly.
Sega Genesis NES

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

The original Persona was a sleeper hit, lauded for its twisted, nonstandard story and battle system.


It is a racing game, released in 1994. The gameplay and graphics are similar to Super Mario Kart, but instead of driving karts, the player drives a motorcycle.

Bonk's Adventure

Bonk’s Adventure from Hudson Soft returns you to the Stone Age as Pithecanthropus Computerus (that's Bonk) where you learn to use your head, literally, all over again.

GP-1: Part II

It is a racing game, released in 1994. The gameplay and graphics are similar to Super Mario Kart, but instead of driving karts, the player drives a motorcycle.

Super Widget

Super Widget was a video game for the SNES made in 1993 by Atlus. It was based on the cartoon Widget the World Watcher. It is a sequel to Widget for the NES.

Tactics Ogre Battle

Like Ogre Battle before it, Tactics Ogre is making the jump from 16- to 32-Bit.


In the far distant future, the planet Earth has been devastated by nuclear war. Only five islands, the nation of Xexyz, remain.

Heavens Gate

Imaginative characters in a cross between Toshinden and Tekken, this spells only good things for Atlus' newest 3-D fighter called Heaven's Gate.


Your teachers might used to tell about widgets, those multi-purpose things that could turn into just anything one feels like.

Maken X

Released in Japan late last year, Maken X was a surprise effort from the creative team behind many of Atlus' hits: Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers and Persona 1 & 2, to name a few.

Golf Grand Slam

Golf Grand Slam is an excellent golf game, if you don't mind always playing the same course.

Bonk's Revenge

The big butt-head is back, and he isn't taking any crap. Bonk makes a gallant return to everybody's favorite Game Boy.

Primal Image

Perverts, social misfits and prison inmates rejoice! Atlus' virtual model photo shoot game is out in Japan and it's everything you could ever want.

Persona 2: Tsumi

Atlus recently released the first screens and info on their upcoming sequel to their hit RPG Revelations: Persona, called Persona 2: Tsumi (Tsumi means "Sin").

Legendary Axe 2

The 'Sting' of cold steel returns once again!


Sort of an expanded version of Boxxle, with scrolling screens and multiple perspectives

Peak Performance

Peak Performance could best be described as a mixture of Ridge Racer-like graphics with Daytona driving characteristics.

Somer Assault

Here begins a story from a time and world not of our own.