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a game by Atlus
Genre: Platformer
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Xexyz stars out as a standard action/adventure with rooms to explore and people to communicate with, and then expands its theme by taking players on a trip through all kinds of worlds in outer space and under the sea. Each round of play culminates in a battle with a Boss creature who possesses even more powerful abilities. All types of power-ups are attainable along the way, in all of the different play environments that are visited.

People say:


What begins as a slightly below-average adventure game becomes a much more complex and intriguing action title loaded with multiple environments. After getting into the game I became hooked. The graphics aren't great, but the execution is well laid out and slightly addictive.


The name has to go - no one can pronounce it! Otherwise we're left with a very good ad-venture/quest game similar in concept to Blaster Master. Xexyz offers a wide variety of challenging action in both character and shooter scenarios. Hidden rooms, shops, and variety in game play make this work.


A side-scrolling action/shooting game which borrows some of its play themes from games like Mega Man and Castlevania. The side sequences suffer from awful control problems, but the shooter scenes help speed the action up to a final confrontation with an alien Boss.


The graphics and music in Xexyz are nothing to write home about. They're very flat and very average. The game doesn't play well early on either, but the scope of the game does increase as higher levels are reached. Not a fabulous game, but one that offers enough to draw most action fans.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

The year's 2777. And earth is gripped by terror! XEXYZ, a peaceful global kingdom, has been attacked by a great space fortress of bizarre mechanical beasts! The whole planet is enslaved, doomed to a nightmarish existence. Only you, alone Star Warrior, can challenge the robotic monsters and their cruel empire. Only you can save earth from its horrible fate. Play XEXYZ, live XEXYZ. Look for it today at your favorite video store.

  • Manufacturer: HIDSON SOFT
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment

  • Sound/Music 8

  • Graphics 8
  • Playability 5
  • Overall 6

Xexyz (don't ask me to pronounce it) lets you control a small spaceman through many areas, battling enemies left and right to rescue the fairy queen from a castle. It sports remarkable graphics, but is extremely difficult. This is alleviated somewhat by a password system that allows you to skip the settings you've conquered.

The spaceman is maneuvered using the control pad and can jump, duck and move left and right. He fires in the direction he's facing or straight up and can get a variety of additional weapons to help in his quest. A life bar at the top of the screen measures current life status, and each encounter with an enemy shortens this lifeline till it's gone. Falling into a chasm will instantly lose you a life.

There are basically two types of settings in Xexyz. In the first type, your spaceman walks around, jumping over various obstacles and shooting at just about anything that moves. The landscape consists of a background that sometimes breaks into multiple heights, in which case you have the option of which ledge to use.

There are a variety of surprises in this setting. For one thing, there are star columns that must be hopped over. However, some of them hide secret doors. If you shoot one, a door opens that you can jump into, which usually results in a battle royal with a nasty enemy. The worst is a large Buddha-like creature that shoots multiple bullets at you. He must be defeated in order to retrieve a "force star", without which you cannot leave the current setting. Unfortunately, he's so nearly impossible to defeat that I suspect many will never get beyond the first setting.

There are other clearly marked doors on the ledges. Some hold a benign creature who will give you more powerful weapons, such as the wave ball or the awesome moon beam. These weapons are necessary to even hope to survive. Other doors hide little fairies who give clues as to what to look for, which star column to shoot, etc. You can even encounter a weapons salesman inside some doors; he'll sell you weapons - if you can pay the price.

The currency is energy units, which appear when you shoot an enemy. Running over the energy units adds them to your collection. The enemies on this first type of level are all manner of creepy-crawly interplanetary creatures, spacecraft and space insects. Most can be dispatched with one hit, especially with a hit from one of the more powerful weapons, though some require more.

In the second setting, you fly astride some sort of shark, shooting two different types of weapons. Various power-ups can be used to increase weapon power and the number of directions the weapon fires in. This can be real handy when the enemies (usually various undersea creatures) are coming from all sides and shooting back. About halfway through, the screen speeds up, and things get really hectic. Each setting culminates with a gigantic (and hard to defeat) creature that must be shot many times before you're victorious.

You start the game with three lives and can continue three times after you've lost them all. Each new life is started at the beginning of the current setting, which is somewhat painful because you end up playing the beginning of a setting many times. When the game is over, you're given a password so that you can come back again and start at the beginning of the last level you mastered.

The soundtrack is excellent, from the background music to the audible groan that comes from a giant protagonist when he gets hit repeatedly. The graphics are sharp and there is no flickering, even when many objects are on the screen at the same time. Xexyz is very challenging and a difficult game to master, but well worth the effort.

  • Manufacturer: Hudson Soft

The year's 2777. And earth is gripped by terror! XEXYZ, a peaceful global kingdom, has been attacked by a great space fortress of bizarre mechanical beasts! The whole planet is enslaved, doomed to a nightmarish existence. Only you, a lone Star Warrior, can challenge the robotic monsters and their cruel empire. Only you can save earth from its horrible fate. Play XEXYZ, live XEXYZ. Look for it today at your favorite video store.

In the far distant future, the planet Earth has been devastated by nuclear war. Only five islands, the nation of Xexyz, remain. Now, as if this holocaust weren't enough, the evil space fortress, Goruza, has unleashed its weird mechanical creatures to conquer Xexyz. And they've taken the queens of the five islands hostage.

Enough is enough! As the mighty space warrior, Apollo, strap on your armored battle suit and set out to rid the planet of the cruel invaders.

Action A'la Mode

Xexyz doubles your fun with two styles of game-play -- Action Mode and Shooting Mode. Action Mode is regular "find it or shoot it" game fare and Shooting Mode is pure horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up action.

Fight through eleven stages spread across five islands -- the islands of Ruins, Forests, Crystals, Lakes, and Volcanos. In Action Mode, you collect items, gather info, and fight off extraterrestrial hordes on your way to Goruza HQ, the Mechanic Castle.

First, track down the isle's sole surviving residents -- spirits and robots -- for vital information. Then, find the Force Stars, which unlock the castle gates. Also, watch for Energy Balls and Life Balls. Trade Energy Balls for weapons when you come across a weapons shop.

ProTip: In some places, you can enter and exit the same room to make enemies reappear. Keep shooting them to rack up Energy Balls!

Build up your arsenal with awesome weapons such as the Laser, the Hand Beam, and the Wave Ball. For a quick burst of whirling invincibility, try the Typhoon.

Use the Foot Wing to fly over enemies and bottomless pits by pressing Up and Button A simultaneously to high jump and then rapidly pressing Button A.

When you're adequately armed, blast your way to the Mechanic Castle to rescue the queen. The castle is a multi-level maze of menace and in the midst of your search you'll encounter a fearsome boss monster. Here the game switches to Shooting Mode. For help, you'll get one of ten different Cyborg Riders, which you can fly into battle. Prevail, and you continue your quest only to face still another gigantic boss before you rescue the queen.

Enter bonus rooms twice to double your rewards!

Big Bosses

The eleven, fierce stage bosses are huge cyborgs bent on mangling your molecules. You'll face deadly creatures such as the cunning, shark-like Jawza and the energy ball-spitting Jeliza. In the final showdown, you'll trade blasts with the gigantic Goruza fortress itself.

The laser is most effective against enemy bosses.

Xexyz is a little like a space-age combination of Super Mario Brothers and Wizards and Warriors, geared towards the average to novice player. Save what's left of Earth from an extraterrestrial scourge! Space things, go home!

Developed by Atlus and published by Hudson Soft, this platform and shooting ‘em up game was released in 1988 in Japan, and in 1990 in North America.

You start playing and the year in the game world is 2777. Because of nuclear wars, natural disasters, the Earth's population has dramatically decreased: only five islands are left safe -- altogether they form the nation of Xexyz. All the human beings, spirits and faeries were living peacefully for many centuries under the reign of King Xeu Star. Once, Xexyz was attacked by Goruza. He killed the king, built mechanical castles and captured the queen of each island. The player is to take on the role of Apollo, the soldier, whose mission is to stop Goruza's reign and to liberate each island.

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