Enchanted Portals

Download Enchanted Portals and embark on a magical journey through a world of whimsy and wonder! Solve puzzles, battle foes, and explore beautiful hand-drawn worlds in this charming platformer. Cast your spell and play now!
a game by Xixo Games Studio
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
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Enchanted Portals
Enchanted Portals
Enchanted Portals

As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. So when Enchanted Portals’ Kickstarter was cancelled back in 2019 for it’s similarity to a certain, very punishing cute cup platformer, we thought that would be the end of things. However, as of present day, it seems that Enchanted Portals is a project that is back on the cards. So now we may get a chance to absorb the story of this cute 1950’s cartoon style platformer.

As we hinted to above, this game plays and has similarities to the platformer Cuphead. However, the game also has other platformers like Hollow Knight, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Rogue Legacy, Super Mario Bros and other 2D style platformers of this nature. This game has had its development issues but is this game going to be worth the wait? We find out in our review of Enchanted Portals.

An Enchanting Time

Ok, so let’s talk about the visuals first of all. It’s hard to give this game as much praise as it deserves as it has taken so much inspiration from Cuphead that it reads as a pure copycat operation. However, if we are looking through an objective lens, we have to say that this game looks the part. It offers the same 50’s style, lower FPS animation along with vibrant cartoonish assets which bring the settings and the stages to life. Plus, the magical focus of the storyline gives this visual showcase a little bit of a unique feel, but not much as far as Cuphead is concerned.

Then as for gameplay, Enchanted Portals has just copied Cuphead’s homework again. For that reason, the combat and platforming feel clean and crisp. However, there is a correct way to include mechanics from other IP’s and this isn’t it. Just look at Fenyx Immortals and Breath of the Wild. It’s similar but not to the point of copying. Enchanted Portals fails to understand this nuance and while the game plays fine and is fun, it feel dirty in some strange way.

The only unique thing about this game is the storyline but sadly, the story is bare bones. The story is that you have been sucked into an enchanted world and you will need to fight your way through the beasts and baddies of this land to get back. We get that platformers aren’t usually a vehicle for gripping stories, aside from more Recent titles like Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart for example. But it has to be said, if it’s the only thing you are going to offer, you have to go all out.

The Verdict

Overall, we have the mark this one down, not for its execution, but for it’s lack of creativity and uniqueness. This game is a complete rip-off of the Cuphead series and while it offers a slightly different art style, new levels and a new storyline, it doesn’t do anything that you won’t find in the original 50’s style platformer. The only reason we could see someone grabbing this title is if they are desperate for more content like Cuphead.


However, we wouldn’t hold your breath, as this game will provably never see the light of day without major changes. We guess we will wait and see.


  • Great 50’s style animation
  • Fun, engaging combat


  • Lack lustre narrative
  • A complete ripoff of the Cuphead franchise

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Enchanted Portals is a charming 2D platformer that whisks players away to fantastical worlds full of magic and wonder. You play as rookie magicians Bobby and Penny, who accidentally get stuck traveling between dimensions. To make their way back home, you must guide them through a series of vibrant, creative levels while fighting bosses and solving puzzles.

A Magical Journey

Enchanted Portals excels at immersing players in its mystical universe. The journey spans different dimensions, each with distinct themes ranging from sunken ships to candle-lit castles. Vivid colors and animations breathe life into the hand-drawn artwork. Upbeat tunes and charming sound effects underscore the action. Whether scampering across docks or dodging inside an active volcano, the environments surprise and delight.

Adding to the experience is the endearing duo of Bobby and Penny. Their quips and reactions inject personality into the adventure. The writing strikes a nice balance between kid-friendly humor and chuckle-worthy jokes for adults. Enchanted Portals casts a spell over players by fully realizing its world and characters.

Satisfyingly Tricky Platforming

While captivating on a visual level, Enchanted Portals also delivers challenging 2D platforming gameplay. Levels steadily ramp up the difficulty with obstacles like vanishing platforms, dangerous enemies, and tricky jumps. While not as brutally hard as something like Cuphead, players will still die frequently. Thankfully, respawning is quick and checkpoints are generous.

Enchanted Portals gives you a great degree of control over Bobby and Penny. Running, jumping, and using various spells feel responsive. Your expansive moveset allows you to tailor your playstyle, such as freezing enemies from afar or relying on agility. Boss battles provide an excellent test of skill, as you dodge complex attacks and identify openings. The platforming hits the sweet spot between easy enough for casual players yet tough for veterans.

Charm That Never Runs Dry

Enchanted Portals will cast its spell over players for hours on end. With a 10+ hour runtime and additional collectibles, the game offers plenty of enticing content. Levels constantly introduce new obstacles, enemies, and secrets that keep the experience feeling fresh. An optional hard mode provides a stiffer challenge for those seeking it.

While clearly designed for co-op, Enchanted Portals remains enjoyable solo. The AI-controlled partner proves reliable in combat and navigation. Those craving multiplayer can experience the adventure with a friend online or locally. No matter your playstyle, Enchanted Portals delivers an enchanting experience.

Review: 9/10

In the end, Enchanted Portals succeeds at bringing its magical universe to life through stellar presentation and gameplay. Fans of 2D platformers shouldn't hesitate to embark on this charming adventure.


While the premise may seem simplistic, Enchanted Portals offers a delightful experience with its smooth gameplay, vibrant art style, and catchy soundtrack. The levels deliver a perfect balance of challenging platforming and enthralling visuals. Comparable titles like Cuphead and Hollow Knight also feature satisfying run-and-gun action, but Enchanted Portals carves out its own identity with a lighter, more whimsical tone.


  • Vibrant, imaginative visuals
  • Addictive run-and-gun gameplay
  • Fun co-op options


  • Story is fairly simplistic
  • Boss fights could use more variety

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