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In the far distant future, the planet Earth has been devastated by nuclear war. Only five islands, the nation of Xexyz, remain.

Golf Grand Slam

Golf Grand Slam is an excellent golf game, if you don't mind always playing the same course.


Sort of an expanded version of Boxxle, with scrolling screens and multiple perspectives

Primal Image

Perverts, social misfits and prison inmates rejoice! Atlus' virtual model photo shoot game is out in Japan and it's everything you could ever want.

Legendary Axe 2

The 'Sting' of cold steel returns once again!

Bonk's Revenge

The big butt-head is back, and he isn't taking any crap. Bonk makes a gallant return to everybody's favorite Game Boy.

Maken X

Released in Japan late last year, Maken X was a surprise effort from the creative team behind many of Atlus' hits: Devil Summoner, Soul Hackers and Persona 1 & 2, to name a few.

Somer Assault

Here begins a story from a time and world not of our own.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance could best be described as a mixture of Ridge Racer-like graphics with Daytona driving characteristics.