Legendary Axe 2

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a game by Atlus
Genre: Action
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Legendary Axe 2
Legendary Axe 2
Legendary Axe 2
Legendary Axe 2

Legendary Axe left TurboGrafx hack 'n slashers banging their shields for more. You can stop grinding your axes, the long-awaited sequel is finally here. In Legendary Axe II you are Prince Sirius, and you must must win back the throne from your evil brother, Zach. That's it for the storyline, now come out swinging!

There's no mystery about Legendary Axe ll's intent: Chop till you drop! This one player game features both horizontally and vertically scrolling side view mayhem. You get seven levels, 12 different types of enemies, and a time limit for each level.

More Power-Ups to You

Despite the cart's title, you begin your quest armed with the Legendary Sword and three Magic Bombs. You get three continues per game, but you earn extra continues every 50,000 points.

Vanquish enemies and they release power-ups. You can soup-up your sworcl's attack force and pick up the Sickle and Chain or the awesomely lethal Axe. Stars, Half Moons, and Medallions recharge your life meter to keep you in the fight.

On the Levels

It isn't really clear how all the levels are actually connected, but they look good, and they're really just a backdrop for the ferocious swordplay anyway.

In the first level, you fight through the courtyard of the Royal Palace against a swarm of zombies and wild winged women. Watch out for the bizarre jumping creature that guards the palace.

In Level 2, you slice your way through the dungeons. Test your jumping skills by leaping across falling metal boxes up a waterfall. The stone boss is a real hardhead so power-up.

Level 3 is an armful, but while you're ducking the wall's skeleton limbs, don't overlook the axe-throwers or the skeleton soldiers. The boss swings a mean ball and chain, so quickly attack him at the right edge of the screen. Beat him, however, and you really have a ball!

Level 4 keeps you on your toes as you hop onto stone heads up the dungeon wall. Step lightly, some heads are fragile. The boss at the top is a real doll! Use five Magic Bombs accurately or it splits into a dolly gang.

Level 5 takes you into narrow underground caves overflowing with pink slime. Defang the snake boss with Magic Bombs. If you run out, try to hit its head.

Lightning adds some deadly flash to Level 6. Head to the top of the shrine to defeat the golden robot. Stay on your knees and keep swinging to protect yourself from his rolling bombs.

The final level is a high tech nightmare starring robots firing homing missiles and laser cannons. Beware of the deadly electromagnets; they find you very attractive!

The Legend Continues

Legendary Axe II has the same magic as the first version, but with snazzier graphics. You get more power-ups here so you can stay in the hunt longer, enhancing the game's arcade feel. There's also a better variety of enemies.

If you like thumb-numbing, hack-em, slash-em action, give this sequel a try! Remember, you axed for it!


  • Shatter the dragon skulls to release Half Moons for one life.
  • The Level 1 boss is hopping mad. When he jumps just keep swinging.
  • Go up the left side ol Level 4 to find a dragon with seven extra lives.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Surely it's time for game designers to become more innovative and find an alternative to the prevailing "boss" model. Needless to say, Legendary Axe II is filled with other enemies: Pump Men (soldiers); Noma-Locks (skeleton soldiers, including one type which is a very capable shieldcarrier); Oui-Oui's (bat-women); and the Tobo, who fires homing missiles. There's even a small dragon that takes you completely by surprise, and a host of zombies with a variety of deadly weapons.

As Prince Sirius, you can run, jump, throw bombs, and attack with whatever weapon you have in hand. Button I controls your jumps, and Button II your attacks. The Run button-be careful not to hit it accidentally!-releases magic bombs, which are wonderful (but rare) little weapons that wipe out several enemies at once. The number of bombs you have is displayed at the top of the screen.

Three other weapons are available. The sword, with which you begin the game, is excellent against some opponents but needs to be strengthened with magic to defeat others. To strengthen it, don't miss the sword power-ups that appear after you destroy certain enemies. When you jump up into one of these power-up circles, the sword's effectiveness increases dramatically.

The other two weapons are an axe (superb for close-range fighting) and a sickle and chain, which lets you quickly turn and defeat enemies sneaking up behind you. You can gain both of these weapons by finding the power-up circles with the appropriate symbols. It's usually best to grab these weapons when you can, because they'll help against the enemies who are invariably lurking just around the comer.

Other power-up items help you along as well. A star restores half of your life gauge, a half-moon gives you a full life, and a medallion restores all lives (and is predictably rare). All of these items can be found only after defeating enemies.

Legendary Axe II is quick, action-packed, and enjoyable. But unfortunately,.it lacks innovation. If you want a game that you'll be able to play the moment you put it into the machine, give it a try. But pass it by if you're looking for a game with a wealth of new ideas.

The Axe is back...

Many eons ago, the world was ruled by an evil king named Drodam. He commanded his kingdom as a dictator and his people lived in fear and despair. One day, a brave man took on the king and defeated his ruthless ways. Many say it was because his sword had magical powers. Years passed and the prospered in peace and tranquility, until one day the king died and left his two sons as heirs to the throne. They battled until the eldest called on the black magic of Drodam to help him take over the kingdom! The youngest son was banished but in his sorrow he discovered the Legendary Royal Sword and, armed with this awesome weapon, he has vowed to reclaim the land in the name of his father...in the name of the good!

The sequel to the original Legendary Axe continues in the same action format as the first. There are 7 new levels of action and adventure, filled with enemies to overcome and Bosses to slay.

You have an axe, ball and chain, as well as the Legendary Sword at your disposal! You'll need them all as you fight your way through dungeons, caves, shrines and more in search of your evil brother who rules as Drodram once did. Pick up power-ups and march to the final confrontation against evil itself! While very different from part one, Legendary Axe 2 packs an endless supply of attacking action and strategy. Flare would be proud!

People say:


This game is only vaguely similar to the first Axe game. While the action is generally of the same mold, the look and game play aren't the same Axe I knew. Still, it's a decent game with cool graphics, but don't expect Axe.


This just isn't the same game as Legendary Axe. While the first game was perfect in almost every respect, this game is dark and not as fun to play. It's not bad, but it's not the true sequel to Legendary Axe that I was waiting for.


I liked Axe 2 alot, the game looks and sounds great, and the variety of weapons is cool. While the game is a little too short and easy, it is executed very well and has very cool bosses. I miss the good old power meter.


This is not a sequel! The character looks different, moves differently, and fights differently. It's not a bad game, there's just nothing new or interesting! More like Rastan than Axe, Axe 2 simply borrows their ideas.

The 'Sting' of cold steel returns once again! While the wicked King Drodam was removed from power in the first game, and peace reigned for some time, the current ruler has just died. His two sons battle for the throne and the oldest - Zach calls upon the evil powers of Drodam to help him win which he does. Evil once again rules the land! You must take the Legendary Royal Sword and defeat all who stand in your way. Battle through 7 levels of horizontal and vertical scrolling action, through dungeons, caves, shrines and more to restore peace once again.

You and Your Brother Are in Mortal Combat to See Which One of You Will Take the Throne. Your Evil Brother, Desperate For Victory, Calls On the Evil Powers of the Wicked Klng Drodam. Now All Is Lost. Evil Reigns As Your Brother Brings Destruction and Chaos Across the Land. If You Could Find the Legendary Royal Sword, Only Then Would You Have the Magic Needed to Combat the Evil Forces. Is the Land Lost Forever, Or Will the Sting of the Cold Sword Bring Peace Back to the Kingdom?

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