Tactics Ogre

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a game by Atlus
Genre: Strategy/War
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Like Ogre Battle before it, Tactics Ogre is making the jump from 16- to 32-Bit. In case you're not familiar with the game, Tactics Ogre is a 3-D tactical turn-based strategy, similar to Vandal Hearts or Final Fantasy Tactics. We're previewing the game again to show you updated screenshots of the almost-finished product and to tell you why the game's been delayed.

The game could've been put in stores a little earlier in the year. Atlus purposely delayed Tactics Ogre until after Final Fantasy Tactics' release. They knew if Squaresoft's high-profile title came out second, it would pretty much stop any further sales of Tactics Ogre. Atlus also hopes that Final Fantasy Tactics will introduce many new fans to the genre. This way, new fans who are looking for more (after beating FFT) can turn to Tactics Ogre. Make sure to check out this month's Review Crew (where we rate Final Fantasy Tactics) and next month's (where we should be reviewing Tactics Ogre) to see how the two stack up to each other.

  • THEME - Strategy/RPG
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


This cult classic Super Famicom remake is being released at a rough time, considering the high-profile Final Fantasy Tactics just came out a month or two prior. Nevertheless, Tactics Ogre is still strong enough to stand on its own, even in the face of the graphically superior FFT. This epic game is huge. So huge in fact, I would only recommend this game to those who sincerely enjoy this sub-genre of strategy games. If you don't, you might find the game to be long and drawn-out. After all. Tactics Ogre involves a lot of repetitive battles and micromanaging of your troops. But if you're the patient type who can handle slow-paced turn-based games, then give Tactics Ogre a run. It has a great story line (one that's definitely easier to follow than FFT's) and a very intuitive interface (although I wish it had a few of FFT's shortcut features). The graphics are definitely 16-Bit, but it doesn't affect the game in any way. The sound, however, is rich and beautiful. The only minor technical complaint I have is the CD loading of tiny sound clips. Sometimes, the game will pause just to load in a simple sound effect. Regardless, Tactics Ogre is a high-quality title. If you missed this game the first time around (in Japan only), here's your chance to see what the buzz is about, lust don't expect it to blow you away if you're an FFT fan.


In a nutshell TO is a fantastic S/RPG, and in some ways even better than FFT. But it's got some drawbacks. Larger battlefields (and unit counts) are a major plus, but the lack of 3-D hurts. FFT's engine with these big fields would've rocked. The music is great, as is the story (with multiple endings, too), but the game moves rather slowly and the interface seems dated next to FFT's. Still, this is a must for fans of the Strategy/RPG genre.


Here's the big question: Which is better, Tactics Ogre or FF Tactics? TO has a better story (it's much easier to follow than FFT's cast-of-thousands yarn). And it definitely has longer battles. Since you can assemble bigger parties and fight on larger battlefields, some battles drag on for hours. Yet I thought the battles got a little too long--and tedious--after a while. I prefer the better-developed job system in FFT, too.


Tactics Ogre is one of those games that just plain takes a lot of time to play--there's no way around it. Since it's such a good game though, this time is well spent. Although TO may come off as being average at first (and it is to a certain extent), it still provides plenty of solid gameplay. The battles can be a little tedious, but the easy control and excellent music make the time pass quickly. Overall, it's a solid title to check out.

Tactics Ogre is a complex game that combines elements of traditional RPGs (building levels, a deep storyline) and war sims (you maneuver characters around gridded maps like troops on a battlefield). If you ever wanted to command an army through intense wars packed with magic and mayhem, then take charge of Tactics Ogre. It's one war you won't regret waging.

Tactical Advantage

In Tactics Ogre, you command a group of characters through a series of battles in hopes of ending a savage war. Fights take place on large gridded maps that factor in elements like terrain and weather conditions when determining the outcome of a battle. For example: Shooting arrows downhill at opponents is far more successful than attempting to fire at enemies standing above you.

Throughout your journey you recruit characters to join your army and equip them for battle by buying items in shops and collecting power-ups after defeating enemies. The main difference between Tactics Ogre and its close competitor Final Fantasy Tactics (see "Role-Player's Realm," February) is that you can command up to ten characters at once in Tactics Ogre while you're in control of only five in FFT.

Ogre Battlegrounds

Many of the battlegrounds are larger in TO than in FFT, providing added depth in the gameplay. Also in TO, you need to think about using traditional war techniques like flanking during attacks or you'll get crushed by the opposing army, whereas FFT provides more straight-ahead battles.

Ogre's graphics play a key role in the gameplay as the cool-looking terrain laid out on each map forces you to adjust your strategy accordingly. The characters seem - cartoony for a war game, but their characters-are distinct and help you remember what kind of soldier they are (knight, exorcist, and so on).

Soundwise, the game's effects are solid but not overwhelming. Nice touches like splashing water and a good soundtrack add to the overall gaming experience, but TO would be more fun if the soldiers shrieked and screamed during battle.

Tactically Terrific

RPG fans who are looking for a challenging game with a war-sim twist to it should buy Tactics Ogre. It's a fun game that rewards you for thinking before striking, and it's a better game overall than its only close competitor in the genre, Final Fantasy Tactics.


  • Group together several characters on an inclined area to keep the enemy from advancing.
  • In between battles train your troops to increase their levels.
  • Kill the enemy leader quickly--the longer you let him live, the more danger you expose your troops to.
  • You can accomplish your mission faster if you kill all the enemy healers first.
  • Keep your healers in range of your fighting troops. If they stray too far, a hurt memher of your team may die before a healer can get to him.
  • If your main character dies, the game's over. Send your powerful troops into battle first to guarantee his safety.

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