Bonk's Revenge

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a game by Hudson Soft, and Atlus
Platforms: PC Engine, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews, 6 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Bonk's Revenge
Bonk's Revenge
Bonk's Revenge
Bonk's Revenge

The big butt-head is back, and he isn't taking any crap. Bonk makes a gallant return to everybody's favorite Game Boy. You loved tiis first adventure so much that he couldn't say no to another adventure. This time; Bonk's planet has split in half and it is up to you to help him discover who is responsible and get everything back to normal. You have three different forms you will assume when you eat meat. There is a batboy who can jump high, a jail prisoner who opens locked doors and a crazy dude who can kill just about any thing with his enormous teeth.


There are three cool, different forms you can change into when you eat meat.


Unfortunately, this game is extremely easy. Good game otherwise.


I just can't stand watching that poor little Bonk get eaten by those big pterodactyls.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Hudson's prehistoric home boy, Bonk, is back for more revenge on his longtime adversary, King Drool. The result is a highly entertaining Super Game Boy game that, while familiar to Bonk fans, comes up short.

Caveman Carnival

As usual, Hudson provides nice variations on the game play and control mechanics. Bonk has a powerful head spin, latches onto walls with his teeth, and has a heavy carnivorous appetite.

His meat eating gains him super strengths - this version gives Bonk three selectable personas, each with a different special ability. Controlling Bonk through it all is pretty simple, given time to learn his moves.

Bonk's graphics and sound harken back to earlier species. The simple graphics are car-toony but effective. The musical accompaniment changes with each round, but it's repetitive anyway. Sound effects don't grace every event, as in earlier versions, but what's there is sufficient.

It's Lava-ly

Like any Bonk game before it, Bonk's Revenge is fun, with bonus rooms, lots of twisty paths to the goal, and plenty of loopy-looking enemies. The trouble here is that the game's too short. There's some replay value if you strive to find every secret location, but there's not much more than an afternoon or two of challenge. This Bonk won't keep you in the cave too long.


  • Using the Stealth Bonk, you can pick the locks of the secured doors scattered throughout the rounds.
  • This boss is easily dispatched by drawing him to the top of the screen, then getting under him and repeatedly Jumping Into his belly.
  • Investigate every open corridor by making Bonk chomp along floors, walls, and ceilings.

Bonk's Revenge is back in a miniature handheld version. The game play is the standard hop-n-bonk action/adventure; the little cave guy uses his head to escape from a series of primitive misadventures. More than three rounds, including bosses and bonus rounds from the original game, comprise this hard-headed one-player cart with Super Game Boy color.

Without a doubt one of the most interesting new games to appear on the TurboGrafx-16 during the course of 1990 was the adventure title led by his prehistoric badness, Bonk the Caveman! NEC scored a direct hit by taking the concept of a scrolling action game and doing what few other developers have been able to do by packing the soft full of new play techniques. Instead of a super cool cave dude who simply ran and jumped through his adversaries, brains behind Bonk came up with a variety of new and exciting ways to attack, added to the jumping maneuvers by giving quickfingered gamers the ability to keep our hero airborne and through this wunder-being into a fantasy world of pastel colors, huge Bosses and more than enough danger.

The success of Bonk as both a genuinely fun game and recognizable character was one of the primary forces that drew more and more attention to the TurboGrafx, and for good reason.

Inspired by the overwhelming praise for their 16-Bit Super Hero, NEC has constructed an all-new Adventure for Bonk that is guaranteed to not only delight fans of the original game, but also create a following for itself, with a new look, a new Bonk, and a whole new slew of bad guys from a dozen new worlds!

While Bonk's Second Adventure has yet to be officially titled, the folks from NEC have given Electronic Gaming Monthly and Turbo Champ an exclusive preview copy of the game for this special preview! While some portions of the game play may be altered before the soft reaches the market in the middle of the year, the basic look and feel of the game's colorful adventure, as well as the high-speed action, are sure to be retained as pure Bonk at his very best!

This sequel features a new and improved Bonk character with more than a few special tricks up his sleeve! In addition to devouring his meat snacks for total or partial invincibility, Bonk can now acquire new power-ups that allow him to breath fire on opponents and freeze the bad guys! Besides sporting some new forms of attack, Bonk also changes his appearance when enhancements are acquired.

While the most common foe of Bonk's Second Adventure are the eggheaded dinosaurs that roam about, there are also a number of other weird creatures that will try to put a stop to Bonk's exploits! Toss in the obligatory Bosses and tricky landscapes filled with dangerous falls and the end result is a new Bonk Adventure that not only matches the appeal of its predecessor, but offers up more than enough new variety to be a mega-hit in its own right!

Bonk's back in a bodacious, brand-new, brain-busting adventure! This time he's is exit tor revenge in Bonk's Revenge, the latest from NEC.

When we last ieft our heady hero, he had just stopped the evil King Oooi from nJng Moonland forever But old enemies die hand King Drool's back with an even more devious and destructive plan Since he coddn't handle of Moorland last time, the evfl king's cut the pianet in half Bonk must stop Drool and reunite the two halves of Moonland! ft's a big job. but Bonk has just the head to handle it.

Worlds Apart

To get Moonland back together, Bonk traverses seven pertous fevete bashing Drools minions as he goes. For those of you who missed the first adventure this paging dinosaurs. Some are so dd they're just walking piles of bones! A few of Drool's original minions, such as the dreaded Chikkun Army, have also returned for an encore performance. Don't be fooled by the vaguely familiar faces. These guys are meaner and uglier then ever before!

As you'd expect Bonk's got an amusing assortment of level bosses such as the crassed-eyed Dodogee and the shark-riding hook-tossing Captain Hook. Each boss is colorful and cleanly animated with no visible flicker. When you first play, these creatures seem impossible. After you figure out their secrets, though, things go as smoothly as Bonk's head.


Just to mix things up, each level has a different number of rounds. So while the first level may seem short, the fifth will seem like a game in itself!

Bonk's got great bonuses this time, too. Each level has flowers that lead to one of eight, different bonus rounds. The rounds are huge and they're fumy, too. In one round Bonk goes fishing-not with a pole, mind you, but with his entire body! Another is similar to those "hit the squirrel" games at the arcades.

The bonus rounds are also Bonk's key to success. In each round Bonk can earn Happy-Faces. If Bonk has collected enough Faces by the time he beats an end boss, he becomes eligible to ride the Monster Train, where each passenger gives Bonk something special, such as meat, an extra heart, or even a free Bonk!

Bald Ambition

Bonk's Revenge is an excellent game which shows the TurboGrafx at its best. Bouncy tunes and colorful characters make the game fun to play, and the challenging, though notimpossibie, gameplay.


  • The third level end boss (the dancing snow queen) will quickly put Bonk on Ice unless he stays all the way to the left or the right side while she spins. Her vulnerable spot is her head.
  • Bonk's safest attack is from above. Just jump (press Button I) and tap Button II once. Bonk will land head-first right on his victim.
  • In the "iceberg" bonus round, don't try to stop. If you do, Bonk will just keep moving and slide off an edge. Instead, maintain a steady pace and jump a lot! You'll beat it in no time.
  • Once you get the hang of flying by rapidly tapping Button I, search the clouds for extra bonus goodies.
  • Always test for hidden flowers in areas that look "too" empty. To do a quick test, jump straight up and then land head first Any flower in the general area will immediately pop up.

Look sharp, TurboGrafx cavepeople, that hard-headed little dude from the past is back and this time he's out for revenge! Bonk's Adventure, the sequel to Bonk's Adventure, should be rolling along some time this summer. NEC and Hudson Soft were nice enough to ship us a preliminary version of the PC Engine cart soon to be released in Japan, so that we could give you an advanced look.

Heads Up

At press time, the story line was still under wraps. Oh well, we knew hardcore Bonk fans (like us) had to have a look anyway.

At least it's obvious that Bonk is still head strong and that he's still got the most powerful overbite in the land that time forgot. During this multi-level adventure, however, Bonk gets to ride on prehistoric trains and battleships. He also gets a little sun on the beach and cools off with a romp in a winter wonderland. But those nasty prehistoric monsters including voracious piranhas, little pterodactyls, snowmen, and some old favorites like the Shellheads would like nothing better than to send the Bonk-ster to dream land.

Bonk Good!

Don't worry, although Bonk runs into a horde of goofy boss creatures, he still has a knack for making friends the hard way-by using his head. And this version of Bonk is as complex as the first with scores of undocumented secret rooms, camouflaged 1-Ups, hidden warps, and other surprises waiting for you.

So dust off your hard hats, neanderthal head cases; once again it's time to go Bonk-ers.

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