Tsugunai Atonement

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a game by Atlus
Platform: Playstation 2 (2001)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Tsugunai Atonement
Tsugunai Atonement
Tsugunai Atonement
Tsugunai Atonement

While every console generation has had its major action adventure games, most have also had some hidden gems amongst. Role playing games are often a genre that is known for having some hidden stars among the games catalogue, and 2001’s Tsugunai Atonement is a fine example of this. Developed by Cattle Call, the game was released back in February 2001 and to this day retains a pretty endearing list of fans. Why, though? Why is a game with more than two decades of age still so revered today?

The separation of body and soul

The plot of Tsugunai Atonement is quite interesting – you play the role of Reise, a mercenary who is used to taking on jobs others lack the bottle to do. As Reise, you are tasked with climbing an ominous and ancient tower to obtain its main treasure, the Treasure Orb. This sacred relic, though, is a deified artifact and by taking it Reise manages to anger the Gods. They separate body and soul from one another.

To bring back and soul back together, Reise must help the denizens of a troubled fishing village with their problems. What follows is a game that sees you possess the people of the village so that you can fix their issues, assisting the village and helping them to overcome a shroud of evil that hangs over the whole place. The game was generally well received at the time, praised for its interesting plot and an intriguing gameplay system that felt unique at the time.

A 2001 classic that still stands up well today (7.5/10)

The thing to note about Tsugunai Atonement is that it could favourably be compared to other JRPGs of the era. It retains some of the charm that makes series like the Final Fantasy games stand out, though it would probably be fair to pair Tsugunai Atonement up with something like Legend of Dragoon in terms of budget and gameplay.

The combat system is excellent, even today, and it is easy to get to grips with the games various combat systems. With over 30 quests to complete, too, there is much to do within the game both in terms of main and side quests. The game has you take on the role of various characters who can equip certain kinds of equipment and weaponry. Each quest, though, will see you bring your items and magic with you so as the game progresses you feel yourself getting stronger without ever feeling over or under-powered.


There is much to love about Tsugunai Atonement, and the fact it has an endearing plot that went away from the usual JRPG tropes was quite interesting. The game might feel a touch basic by todays standards, but if you are looking for a classic PS2-era JRPG to try out, this is one to add to your list.


  • Excellent combat system that still feels pretty easy to enjoy even in modern times
  • An interesting range of characters with genuine pay-off for the quests you undertake


  • Gameplay can feel somewhat dated by modern standards, especially in terms of visuals
  • Story was excellent for the time, but can feel a touch one-dimensional today

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Playstation 2

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