Cart World Series

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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Racing
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Cart World Series
Cart World Series
Cart World Series
Cart World Series

Sony loves showing off the speed of their system, and what better way to do it than implementing race cars that reach speeds in excess of 200 mph? Indy Car Racing features a one- and two-player Split-screen Mode as well as a variety of different tracks to race on. Right now, this title is still being shrouded in secrecy, but it looks like a game not to be missed. Knowing Sony's reputation, great graphics and fast play are just part of what is to be expected. Race fans keep an eye open for this one-it's bound to cross the finish line with flying colors.

  • THEME - Racing

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Is there no sport that Sony won't seek to re-create? Evidently not, as they are taking on racing with CART World Series, the latest game in a long list of impressive-looking Sony sports titles.

CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams-also known as Indy Car racing) is an ambitious title that painstakingly attempts to emulate every facet of the gasoline-burning sport. Grease monkeys will be pleased to know that every important facet of the racing vehicle can be modified. Put the car in the garage, slap on the fancy mechanic overalls and customize things such as its fuel capacity, weight distribution, aerodynamics and gear ratios. All of these things will factor into the race, as the game's engine takes into account realistic turning, rolling, push and oversteer.

Once on the race track, the complexity continues. Every piece of the vehicle can be damaged as a result of collisions, or good of' wear-and-tear during a race. Pulling into a pit stop will replenish your fuel and change your tires, but more serious things will render your vehicle a stationary object. If all of these complexities scare you, three different difficulty levels will ease the anxiety in addition to a very forgiving Arcade Mode.

Depth of play won't be a problem as CART is a well-rounded racing game that includes several play modes Qncluding a Season Mode) that feature statistical tracking and fully licensed driving teams (20, such as Bobby Rahal. etc.).

With great depth, solid 3-D graphics and a load of licenses, it seems that Sony's magic touch at making good sports games is as powerful as ever in this realistic racing title.

The horizon's overflowing with hot prospects for sport racing fans, and with some tuning up in the pits, CART World Series could easily rank near the top. Replete with the license of Indy racmg's premier league. CART redlines its engines with 10 real-life tracks (Laguna Seal, the Nazareth Speedway, the new California Speedway, and more) anti 19 real-life drivers (Paul Tracy, Alex Zanardi, Bobby Rahal but no Michael Andretti). Two-player split-screen racing, seasons, and crcate-a-driver round out the features.

The solid graphics and sounds don't dazzle just yet in this preview version, though its speed is already flat-out wicked. Sony's focusing on ramping up the A.I., which would help a lot, and the decent handling also needs some attention before it'll achieve greatness. CART has some work to do to catch up with the likes of NASCAR '98 and FI Championship Edition, but if Sony make the right calls, a podium finish is in sight.

After scoring the license from the recently renamed CART league (Championship Auto Racing Teams, formerly known as the IndyCar league), Sony's gunning for the checkered flag with CART World Series, a slick-looking Indy-car racing game.

Under Hie Hood

CART puts the wrench in your hands with a sturdy lineup of configuration options, including camber and gear-ratio adjustments, tire pressure and hardness, fuel load, weight distribution, and aerodynamics. As the race wears on, pit stops refurbish your car, and Sony's planning on making it possible for every part on the car to be damaged or fall off after a collision.

On the Trach

CART World Series loads up with 12 authentic CART courses, including well-known tracks like Nazareth, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, and more. One or two drivers can warm up their engines in Season, Single Race, and Practice modes. Players choose from 20 CART teams with real-life drivers like Alex Zanardi and Bobby Rahal, then blaze toward the finish in arcade- or sim-style action. If driving as a CART star doesn't appeal to you, CART World Series also provides a create-a-driver option.

America's premiere Indy car league peels out on the PlayStation with the solid but not-so-stunning CART World Series. While the licenses and graphics are undeniably cool, the gameplay doesn't pack the punch for a top finish.

Open Wheels, Open Roads

On the features side, CART places strongly with 25 pro drivers (like Paul Tracy), 10 real-life tracks, a look-back button, a create-a-driver feature, a good two-player splitscreen game, and season play. Although basic control options like rear-view mirrors and racing lines were left out, the effective car setup options and responsive handling keep you on the track.

So how does that all come together in gameplay? CART's a slick ride...just not as slick as it should be. On the oval courses, it handles with a fun, arcade-style feel (even in Sim mode) that'll definitely broaden the game's appeal. And while the twisty road courses should present a much steeper challenge, they're often more frustrating than fun, lacking the addictive allure of FI Championship Edition.

Visually, CART roars ahead with impressive tracks and cars, zippy game speed, and good sight distance. But the sounds spin out with no announcer, forgettable music, and mediocre in-race effects.

PPG Cup?

For sport racing fans, CART ranks third this season--NASCAR '98 has better balance, while FI Championship Edition has deeper sim play. But if you're an Indy car junkie dying to bust out Zanardi's famous pass at Laguna Seca, CART's the ticket.


  • If you start to spin out, lay off the gas. Work the wheel until you're pointed straight, then immediately gun it.
  • On road courses, rely on the numbered signs and blue arrows to know w hen to begin braking.
  • It's crucial to finish braking before you begin a turn, then accelerate through the turn.

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