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Andretti Racing

Strap yourself in and get ready to go up through the gears.

Felony 11-79

Felony 11-79 pushes players into new realms of racing with selfish reasons. At the start of the game, four cars are available.

Formula 1-97

Psygnosis prepares racers to enjoy the thrill of F-1 racing with Formula 1 '97.

Formula 1 Championship Edition

Psygnosis' Formula 1 established itself as a rock-solid racing game catering to racing sim fans with its no-frills, realistic look and tight, unforgiving gameplay.

Full Throttle All-American Racing

Racing game through racing on motorcycles or water skis or on both.

Grand Tour 98 Racing

Grand Tour Racing '98 boasts so many options and racing variables that it's hard to believe they crammed it all on one CD-ROM.

Jarrett And Labonte Stock Car Racing

Previously known as WTC, Codemasters recently signed on jason Jarrett and Justin Labonte as spokespersons for the game.

Mario Andretti Racing

The game's greatest innovation was the presence of different physics and AI for three kinds of racing in one cartridge.
Sega Genesis


It isn't often that game developers pay as much attention to detail as the developers of NASCAR Racing having.

Newman-Haas Indy Car Racing

Get behind the wheel of a 750-horsepower, methanol-burning Indy Car in NEWMAN HAAS INDY CAR.
Sega Genesis SNES

Newman Haas Racing

This isn't a bad thing since Newman/Haas' 3-D graphics serve this racer quite well.

Powerboat Racing

VR Sports' upcoming Powerboat Racing has an interesting premise and a sparse amount of competing games to worry about.

Rock n' Roll Racing

Use laser cannons, cluster bombs and super boosters to annihilate your competition as you race to different plantes. Choose from 5 different hot racing machines. 6 different planet race tracks. Fully digitised sound tracks. Radical weapons on all c..
Sega Genesis SNES

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA

Performance... Adrenaline... Speed! These are the ingredients in the next generation of Rush Mania! Feel the Rush once again as you blast through some of the hottest spots in America! You want death-defying jumps and treacherous shortcuts? You'll f..
Nintendo 64

Street Racer

Street Racer is a Racing game, developed by Vivid Image and published by Ubisoft, which was released in Europe in 1995.

Supersonic Racers

Supersonic Racers is the latest racing game for the PlayStation.

Team Losi Rc Racing

Enter: Team Losi RC Racing from Fox Interactive.

Thunder Truck Rally

Thunder Truck Rally is a cross between Destruction Derby and an off-road racing game.

Turbo Prop Racing

Turbo Prop Racing is the newest addition to the growing motorboat racing genre.

VMX Racing

Which makes all the more amazing the debut of VMX Racing, when an early demo of the polygon-based game resulted in offers.

Woody Woodpecker Racing

It includes nine (three of which are hidden) of your favorite characters--Chilly Willy, Wally Walrus and Woody Woodpecker himself among them.

Xs Airboat Racing

XS throws you into an action-packed realm that'll keep you on the edge of your seat with 90 lethal enemies and 20 mind-numbing levels.

Le Mans 24 Hours

Now, let's see what I've got for you racing fans out there. You are going to just love this! Do you love driving at speeds that make your very bones shake in their sockets?

NASCAR Racing 4

Papyrus has produced a series of racing simulations that are arguably the most realistic in gaming.

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