Felony 11-79

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a game by ASCII
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Felony 11-79 pushes players into new realms of racing with selfish reasons. At the start of the game, four cars are available. But with various actions, over 22 different cars can be activated and used by the player. These range from an F-1 car to a Street Sweeper and a tank. Game basis revolves around the theft of artifacts that contenders appear to be in battle in order to acquire. Felony 11-79 looks to be a very original take on a racing title. Racing for a reason besides trophies? It could be something that catches on.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sick of driving in a circle? Then jump behind the wheel of Felony 11-79, one of the most chaotic, freewheelin' driving games ever.

Getaway Cars

Felony 11 -79 successfully combines elements of racing games with the creative exploration found in 3D adventure titles-- sort of a Tomb Raider meets Need For Speed. Each of the game's three levels has its own objectives, including picking up dynamite, stealing an artifact, and making a phone call. As a mercenary-on-wheels, Felony also enables you to drive anywhere at any time, like through hidden shortcuts and even a shopping mall, in true Blues Brothers-style.

Twenty-two different cars are unlocked as you meet specific goals throughout the game. Some of these goals are easy to achieve, like locating a certain object or breaking the speed limit; others are next to impossible, such as doing no damage at all on a level.

Crime Does Pay

Sadly, there's only a handful of tracks to choose from, and no two-player head-to-head mode. Still, Felony 11-79 is a very wild ride and a definite must-play for those who really like to drive fast.


  • Concentrate on the mission objectives until you've completed all the tracks successfully, then go back later and do damage.
  • The scooter may be weak and slow but it can go places the other vehicles can't, like this alley In Chinatown at the end of Level One.
  • A manual transmission enhances your ability to power-slide around comers.
  • Don't worry about hitting the pedestrians--they scream a lot, but you'll never run them over.
  • The key to killer times is using the shortcuts. Plow through this subway in Paris by heading to the far left on the congested city streets.
  • On the Sea Side track, aim for the left toll-booth gates because the ones in the right lanes are full of cars.
  • Don't hit cars head-on when going for damage. Sideswipe them Instead to avoid killing your momentum.


You'll see a bit of popup here and there, but the high detail and impressive feeling of speed make up for it.


Standard stuff like tire squeals and engine growls (especially that thundering bus motor!) are done well, and are supported by a gutsy surf-rock soundtrack that keeps your adrenaline flowing.


Each vehicle handles differently, and precision driving is a must. Some of the sliding turns take time to master, but most cars won't give even novice drivers too much trouble.

Fun Factor

Felony 11-79's blend of reckless street driving and creative exploration makes it a must-rent, but its too-few tracks hurt it in the long run. Now that's a crime.


Felony 11-79 is a surprising game from Ascii Entertainment. Why do I say surprising? Because Ascii has traditionally been in the controller market and their other two games, King's Field and King's Field II, were drastically different from this game. This is not a bad thing, but it is surprising.

Felony 11-79 is a racing game. I can't really call it a car racing game because you are not limited to just cars. Also, racing is only part of the game. The headline on the back of the game says "Hit and run, baby" and I think that is the best description anyone could give Felony 11-79.


So far, you are probably still scratching your head, unsure of exactly what this game is all about. To best describe it, let me rehash an actual conversation that occurred between my significant other, Kim, and myself.

Kim: "What are you playing?"

Me: "It is a new game called Felony 11-79."

Kim, after watching for a few minutes: "What is the object?"

Me: "Ummm, smash up everything you can to earn money, complete the level objective and make it to the finish line before your time runs out or you total your vehicle -- which, by the way, there is a ton of different choices."

Kim: "Is it fun?"

Me: "Very much so!"

Does that clear things up? It doesn't? Then let's start with "smash up everything you can to earn money." One of the upsides to being a felon is that you get rewarded for smashing, breaking, and slamming. Let's say you are busting down the road and the silly police think that a two-car barricade will stop you. What do you do? That's right, smash through 'em. Now, not only do you get to see the cop cars go flying, you actually get rewarded for the destruction. This holds true with crashing into just about everything. You can take out structures from toll booths to phone booths to houses to mini-malls. Each item has a dollar amount attached to it so you will learn which objects are worthwhile, and which ones will just slow you down.

Next, let's move on to "complete the level objective." Each track has some sort of objective that must be accomplished before allowing you to finish the game. One objective is to find a stretch limo, slam it, and recover an ancient artifact. Once you have the artifact, you are free to race to the goal. Another objective is to find five pieces of dynamite so you can blow up the security fence blocking the road to the goal. The final course (what? only three? More on this later...) has you flying through the streets of Paris looking for a stone statue that is hiding a silver staff. Find a phone booth to call for your ride and head for the exit.

After you meet the intial objective, your job is to make it to the end of the course. This is no easy task in itself. You have two things that can stop you from making it to the end: the clock and your damage meter. You are allotted a specific amount of time to make it to the finish line. If you run out of time before you make it to the goal, you have to try again. Aside from the clock, the other downside to smashing into other objects and collecting cash is that you also damage your vehicle. If your damage meter fills up, your vehicle can't go any more and you have to start over. One cool thing about the damage meter is that your vehicle actually shows real-time damage. If you smash into another vehicle coming at you head-on, the front end of your vehicle will be smashed up. After enough damage is inflicted, your vehicle will start pouring out black smokeā€”and even flames.

My final comment to Kim was that there are a ton of vehicles to choose from. There are a total of 22 vehicles available. Well, only four vehicles are available in the beginning, but after you finish the courses, six more become available. The remaining 12 must be unlocked through various means. For example, if you make it through a level and cause no damage at all, you are rewarded with another vehicle. Conversely, if you reach a certain high dollar amount of damage, you will unlock another car and so on. There are 10 more secrets that you will have to figure out yourself to unlock the last of the cars.

I know I keep referring to cars, and that is inaccurate. The game uses vehicles, not cars. The four you start off with are a Dodge Ram pickup truck, a BMW, a little foreign hatchback, and a scooter. After you clear the three tracks, you open up a Honda Civic hatchback, an Acura NSX, a sports car of unknown title, a Greyhound-type bus (yes, it is that big), a semi-truck, and a limo. I won't give away the hidden cars, but you will find just as much diversity in this batch.

I do have a couple of complaints about this game. The first is that there are only three tracks. This would have been fine if the objective changed when you changed vehicles. Unfortunately, the objective is the same and located in the same place, no matter which vehicle you choose and regardless of how many times you have beaten the track. I think it really would have helped the replay value if they at least moved the objective to a random location, so you did not know exactly where to go every time you played. The second complaint was how difficult it was to control the cars that had manual transmissions. Granted, these were the high-power sports cars, but it was nearly impossible to keep the things on the road unless you were on a straightaway. You do have the ability to modify your steering responsiveness, front suspension, rear suspension, grip balance, acceleration, and braking response. After tweaking these settings, it did get a bit easier, but it was still a pain to find the optimal setting.


The graphics in Felony 11-79 were decent for the most part. There was an occasional tweak where the wall would just vanish or if you were driving near the edge of the screen, you would have a blue strip on the edge of the screen. Everything else looks good and the vehicles are all awesome. Driving the huge bus around town ramming into everything was awesome.

The city scenery was all well done, and this game would have been perfect for a force feedback controller. How cool would it have been to actually feel your collisions?

Bottom Line

I enjoyed this game but in the end, I found myself wanting more. The only replay value is in finding short cuts or finding the secrets to unlocking the remaining cars. This is fine except that when you do unlock a new car, you have to drive it on the same old track with the same old objective. Can anyone say "Sequel?"

Imagine driving your new, cherry-red BMW through a police roadblock without a hint of concern for your personal safety, the safety of the pedestrians, or the preservation of your classic ride. This is what Felony 11-79 is all about as you haul ass down the winding city streets at up to 200 mph, you are not only unaware of every traffic violation known to man, but you are also oblivious to the police and your fellow drivers. There has just been a $10 million heist, and you are the driver trying to weave your way through the busy downtown streets in the getaway car.

Felony 11-79, aka Runabout Climax in Japan On fact. Felony 11-79 might not be the final release title, but that was the consensus at press time) is not just another racing game, but total destruction on wheels. The object of the game is to not only drive your car through the different levels of the game, but to try to destroy as much as you possibly can without crashing your car first. An obvious example of this is on Level 3; you must drive your car through a mall and demolish whatever crosses your path. Don't worry about the shoppers, they'll become mortified at the site of you driving like a bat out of hell and scurry out of the way. barely missing your front bumper.

Sound easy? The catch is you have to steal special objects along the way, like when you ram into a limousine you can get a precious artifact in the process.

But you have to do this in the allotted amount of time given or you'll have to start over again. This makes the game very challenging, as there isn't much time to spare when you add all of these elements together. Rush hour traffic jams, toll booths, police roadblocks. 10 car pile-ups, fiery explosives, pedestrians, fruit stands, trailers and various buildings all make criminal life a living hell. You have to decide what things to tear through and what obstacles to avoid so as not to crash your car.

One exciting attribute to Felony 11 -79 is the wide variety of routes you can take to get to your destination. Within these routes are secret subways, bridges and roads which act as shortcuts. To make life easier for your escape, you'll get a map showing your location on each level.

Hold on to your seat because you'll be treated to efficient polygonal graphics (which zip by at nosebleed speeds), realtime light-sourcing and fully rendered fly 3-D vehicles, which all add to the realism and overall fun factor of Felony 11-79.

  • THEME - Racing

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