World Racing 2

a game by Synetic GmbH
Platform: PC
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World Racing 2
World Racing 2
World Racing 2
World Racing 2

No, Its No GT Legends, Need For Speed: Underground or TOCA 2, but World Racing 2 is, despite what you might expect, a thoroughly entertaining, perfectly playable and, in some ways, surprisingly original arcade racer. I Yes, it's German, and so features an array of annoying European techno garage tunes and character models that scream 'Eurotrash!' from every pore (one is even a German FHM model apparently), but that doesn't reduce the enjoyment factor one iota. As long as you put your own tunes in the music folder.

| No, it's not the most realistic driving model ever seen and it won't give other racers any sleepless nights in terms of car handling technology, but it still manages to provide enough variety of car styles to keep things interesting as you progress. Yes, it's heavily biased towards European car manufacturers, especially Mercedes and Volkswagen, but you do at least get to drive everything, from common street cars to off-road urban 4x4s, to prototype sports models that redefine the term bizarre (have a look at rinspeed for some idea of what we mean).

No, the developer hasn't fixed the scruffy menus, but it hardly matters when you start to explore the range of driving modes on offer - from knockout track races to freely cruising around the huge maps causing havoc with the local traffic. World Racing 2 is just jam-packed with content.

Yes, the whole thing could use some tightening, but ultimately World Racing 2 is just a huge amount of fun and worth every Euro.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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