Cinderella Escape

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a game by Hajime Doujin Circle
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Cinderella Escape
Cinderella Escape
Cinderella Escape
Cinderella Escape

Thanks to Walt Disney as his brand of emotive and offputtingly racist older movies, it’s conditioned us as a culture to love a fairy-tale story. A tale of prejudice and controversy and an ending where the guy gets the girl and they sail off into the sunset as the credit rolls. Well, thanks to a wonderful thing called public domain properties, Cinderella Escape takes the iconic story and shows you a darker, more twisted and more sexually graphic version of events. Oh, and its a block-pushing puzzle game too.

This game plays rather like the retro title Sokoban, Sections of older GBA Pokemon games where you would be tasked with using the HM strength or even the block-pushing puzzle in the iconic undertale. However, as we mentioned, its a lot less innocent than those we just mentioned and the plot is far less easy to follow.

I Will Not Be Censored

This game can be found on the Steam store which means this game is readily available to a large audience. However, to make this happen there has clearly been some compromises along the way. The biggest of these is the massive amount of censoring that occurs throughout this game. It more hot and heavy scenes, you’ll have sexual encounters that equate to dry humping with guards with full armour on for example, which does nothing for those looking to get their rocks off, believe us.

Boots made for kicking

How the story sets up the context for the gameplay that boils down to a simple block puzzle format is rather bizarre. After you are trapped by the prince, your fairy godmother gives you incredible kicking and jumping powers that allow you to move and clear blocks within the levels. It begs the question, why not just free you from your binds but perhaps that goes against the thoughtless tone of the game’s story.

Incredibly though, the gameplay is actually meticulously thought out and well delivered. You have a set amount of kicks and jumps you can use and without careful planning, you’ll find yourself stuck and repeating levels over again. As far as the puzzle aspect of this game is concerned, its competent and provides a good deal of challenge so we have no complaints there.

The real issue with the game is how it presents itself. That isn’t to say that the art style and visuals are bad, in fact they are comfortably average with some nice details and smart touches. What we are referring to is the choice to market this one as an explicit and erotic game.

It doesn’t at any point in time commit to this stance at all, only teasing the idea of X-rated material and delivering occasional moments of soft-core porn at best. If they didn’t want to make this one a sexy game then it would have probably gone in this titles favour. However, their inability pick a lane seems to have cost them in terms of quality.

Your Chariot Awaits

This is one of the more interesting and bizarre games you are likely to ever stumble across. The story is outlandish, hard to follow and untimely ridiculous. Then, in addition, the heavy amount of X-rated marketing for a title that barely even falls into that category is baffling.


However, the gameplay is actually surprisingly good in this game and the art style is more than passable so there is joy to be found in this title. If you fancy a laugh or a decent puzzle game with a splash of novelty, then this is the one you have been searching for.


  • Passable graphics
  • Surprisingly good puzzles and gameplay


  • The weird storyline that will leave you confused throughout
  • X-rated content is an afterthought and not what hard-core adult game fans are looking for

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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