a game by Microprose
Genre: Strategy/War
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 5 reviews
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Civilization is a strategy game where you must build up your tribe, conquer others and develop technology. You have a number of options at your disposal. There are 14 "tribes" to choose from. Not only that, but you can also customize the world to your own specifications. Everything--from land mass to water content-can be adjusted to suit your playing style.

Starting Out

You must build your civilization from the ground up. You start with just two wagons, but you must make towns and create your forces. Depending on who you are, you will have to create your own strategy for world domination. Build a town then bridge out quickly. Use roads to speed up trade.

Foreign Policy

During the game, you will often be approached by the other nations. You may want to trade skills, or you might need to sign a peace treaty. Sometimes a nation will often exchange money for peace. If you are strong enough, take the money and plunder their towns anyway. To win, you must eventually wipe them all out. Attack when they are weak.


As a player of the computer version, I was dismayed at first by the graphics and interface. After a few minutes though, I loved it.


Simply being able to conquer an entire world. Each game is different and you can name your cities. This game is really good.


The graphics of the computer game aren't here. They are very rough, but they are adequate. You won't care once you get hooked.


I think anyone who can sit down and play Civilization will get totally engrossed. It's addictive, and you'll probably think about conquering your own cities in real life. This cart is just plain fun. There are enough variables to keep it fresh. In fact, I've beaten it four times, and I still want to see what I can do next. Depending on who you are, your strategy will drastically change. So, yes you will most likely enjoy Civilization. 'Nuff said.

  • MANUFACTURER - Microprose
  • DIFFICULTY - Variable
  • THEME - Strategy

Game Reviews

Civilization is good fun for aspiring empire builders. Despite a slow pace, thought-provoking challenge makes this complex strategy game stand out on the usually action-packed SNES.

History in the Making

If a 72-page instruction manual frightens you, pass Civilization by. This major strategy game asks you to plan out cities, protect them, spread your society out into the world, and keep your citizens happy. Your goal is to be the first society to rocket into space, and you must make every decision to advance your population before that can happen.

Civilized Features

The graphics and sounds are better than what you'd find in the average strategy game. A subdued mix of decent animations and sharp still pictures of your cities works well to illustrate your leadership prowess. The enjoyable variety of sound features a different tune for every situation.

As you grasp the game's intent, it becomes easier to control your movable units and make decisions between turns. Menus are easily accessible, and the point-and-dick movements are smooth.

Civilization is a finely crafted strategy game. Don't be put off by the slow action -- world domination will soon overcome you for a fun, fascinating trip. If you're looking for an above-average workout for your brain, make it back to Civilization.


  • Use outdated militia to explore uncharted regions before building a city. They can make peace with enemy powers, find helpful warriors, and flush out bandits.
  • Your cities' defense and production should be your main concern early on, so build granaries and barracks first
  • Pottery, bronze, and burial rites are the basis of many higher technologies that you will want later on, so develop them early.

Civilization is a strategy game that puts you in the age of 4,000 B.C. Create a brand new civilization starting from the ground. You are given two sets of settlers and are expected to build an entire empire out of it. That is no easy task! You have a little over 6,000 years to try and accomplish one of three things. World domination: build your empire and destroy the rest of the world. Space Exploration: be the first one to build a spacecraft and successfully land on Alpha Centuri. stand the test of time: Survive the 6,000 years without being taken over by a possibly more powerful enemy. This game will appease anybody who loves strategy games and will challenge even those who think they can rule.


This game sets a standard on how much fun strategy games are to play.


Civilization is so addictive, you won t want to eat, sleep, or do anything which makes you leave the TV.


Things will get pretty ugly when you lose your job because you're home playing this game.

  • Manufacturer: MICROPROSE
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: MODERATE
  • Koei for Super NES

Just possibly the ultimate strategy game, Civilization's blocky graphics are about the only had thing we can say about this. Take your tribe of cave-dwellers into the future. Keep an eye peeled for those pesky Mongol hordes, though!

  • Genre: strategy
  • Players: 1
  • Publisher: Koei
  • Developer: Microprose

Three years ago, the PC version of Civilization took over my life. I couldn't stop playing - friends thought I'd died. The hell of it is, I still boot it up every now and then. It's a bona fide classic that just never gets old.

Now it's available for Super NES through Koei. The game is complete, and everything works way it should. Some of the menus are a little clunky, and it's not as graphically elegant as I'm used to - in fact, it's just this side of ugly - but you play this for the strategy, not the visuals. It still keeps me up nights.

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