Come Home

Download Come Home and embark on an emotional journey to find your way back to those who matter most. Navigate through a beautiful and mysterious world, uncovering the secrets of your past. Start your heartfelt adventure and play now!
a game by R.J. Rhodes
Platform: PC (2021)
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Come Home
Come Home
Come Home

Returning to the city of childhood is not always a pleasant and nostalgic journey, the protagonist of the erotic visual novel Come Home returns home to find his missing father. Will he be able to find his missing parent and get out of the small town, as the protagonist already managed to do years ago?

Escape to Another Life

After the death of his wife, the protagonist's father quickly found a replacement in another woman, Lisa. A new woman with a child, also after the death of his beloved mother - a trauma for the child. Many hurtful words were spoken, many teenage antics happened just because of resentment against his father. But the grown-up hero decided to make things right at home and make his life easier by going to college in South America. Further away from his family, further away from his problems and worries.

A turmoil in the house

For two years, life went on and all was well, until the day a strange message appeared on the main character's email. His stepmother asked to come, because the head of the family is missing, and the unemployed mistress will be difficult to provide for herself and her daughter. The hero travels to his home nest to find out details about his father's disappearance and to help his stepmother with the house.

No Way Home

The protagonist has no way back anymore, so past connections and relationships come back into his life. Maybe along with his father, the hero will try to find love in the many faces of his hometown. There are plenty of contenders for the heart of the returning hero:

  • Suzy is the protagonist's younger half-sister. Temperamental and sharp-tongued sister has long held a grudge against her runaway older brother, but maybe a long stay in the house will help her heart to thaw
  • Mari is a waitress at the burger joint where the hero liked to dine in his younger years. A cute, smiling girl with curly hair is always ready to feed and talk
  • Detective Rodriguez is a detective who investigates the case of the protagonist's missing father. A strict girl in uniform can transform into civilian clothes and give her heart to the protagonist.
  • Dana - the main character's colleague, a lovely woman with a traumatic past

The gameplay of the visual novel has not changed even in the three-dimensional version. As in a similar erotic visual novel - Long Story Short, the hero is faced with a choice and it's up to the player to decide for him. Choose the most appropriate choices and win the hearts of the girls in this story.


Mysteries and mysteries will surround the hero during his complete stay in his native lands. Use all of the hero's charms to get the answers to the most important questions or win the hearts of the beautiful small-town girls. Build your detective story in the erotic visual novel Come Home.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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