Defenders of Dynatron City

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a game by JVC
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7.1/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Defenders of Dynatron City
Defenders of Dynatron City
Defenders of Dynatron City
Defenders of Dynatron City

So, you wanna' be a superhero? Then you might be interested in a game by Lucasfilm Games. It's the long awaited, quirky, action/adventure title, Defenders of Dynatron City.

If the Defenders sound familiar, it's no surprise. The crew stars in a special six-part, miniseries comic by Marvel and a 'A hour cartoon show, which airs on the Fox Television network. This crew's definitely not lacking for backing! However, they do lack thumb-burning excitement and sharp graphics, which together dull this cart's potentially dazzling concept.

Once Upon a Crime

Professor Melvin Myron, a scientist with a brilliant mind and nasty intentions, began tinkering with his infamous soft drink recipe, Proto-Cola. Eventually, Dr. M came up with what he lovingly called Atomic Syrup, which he promptly tested on a lab monkey. The results? A super smart simian and a self satisfied professor. Dr. Myron then went a bit off his rocker and decided to use the syrup for his own selfish gain. Glug, glug, glug. Down went the syrup and... ZING... Dr. Myron became Dr. Mayhem -- destructor of Dynatron City! Fortunately, the lab monkey had better plans for his newly acquired super brains. He took the last bit of syrup and sloshed it over his friend, Wendy Weedwacker, and her workbench. The Defenders of Dynatron City were born: Monkey Kid, Toolbox, Buzzsaw Girl, Jet Headstrong, Ms. Megawatt, and Radium Dog.

Street Life

Dr. Mayhem's created a menacing mass of robotic henchmen and planted them all over Dynatron City. This means major clean up duty for the sensational sextet.

The four-level quest for justice takes the Defenders through the streets of Dynatron City, into the local Mall, down into the vast sewer system, and through the infamous Proto-Cola factory. Only one hero at a time can seek and destroy robots. If a Defender is captured, another one steps in to complete that leg of the mission.

Dynatron puts up a pretty good fight. In addition to blasting the fast-moving robots, you must beat a time limit for each level.

Super Power Ups and Downs

Each superhero, of course, has their own special powers. Monkey Kid, for example, hurls a mean explosive banana. Jet Headstrong really blows his top at enemy robots. Shapely Ms. Megawatt, lights up Mayhem's menagerie with bolts of electricity.

The variety of superhero powers in this game is commendable, but you may long for your own super powers to master these superheroes. Speed and agility are not a Defender forte. Your thumbs and your patience will get a major workout as you try to catch up to the robots. Also, you have to be in the perfect position to score a hit with your super powers, and you'll have a tough time finding it.

ProTip: Begin with Toolbox. He has one of the least effective attacks. You can afford to have him captured early in the game.

Super Shopping

Dynatron City has plenty of places to explore. Dozens of shops, a hospital, a police station, and other urban facilities line the city streets. Once an area has been cleared of enemies, a Defender can enter the various buildings to search for clues, Power-up items, and Dynatron dollars, which can be used later to purchase goodies at the Mega Mall.

The Hospital's a great place to look for Power-ups -- especially if you're Toolbox.

Obviously, a tremendous effort was put into the graphic details of Dynatron's architecture and its inhabitants. However, they lack the punch to pop off the screen and grab your attention. The tunes aren't bad, although they sound suspiciously similar to those heard in that video blast from the past, Maniac Mansion.

  • Many of the robots are slow in their method of attack. This makes attacking from behind very effective.
  • Save Ms. Megawatt for last.
  • Make a rough drawing of the Dynatron City street map and keep it handy.

A Well-Intentioned Crusade

The Defender's of Dynatron City are unquestionably full of personality. But they need more than that to make this cart an outstanding video game. Let's just say that the Defenders of Dynatron City is perhaps worth its weight in silver, as opposed to gold.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Machine: NES

New NES Adventure From Lucasfilm And JVC

Defenders of Dynatron City, a futuristic action-adventure, is the second NES release from the partnership between Lucasfilm Games and JVC Musical Industries. Dynatron City is the site of the world's first experimental atomic-powered sewage treatment plant. But trouble is brewing - the plant has spawned renegade criminals and mutant villains.

Luckily, a group of superheroes also emerges from the city's radioactive slime. Jet Headstrong, Toolbox, Buzzsaw Girl, and the rest of the superheroes are determined to stop Dr. Mayhem and his slimy gang of criminals.

Take part in this action as you become a super hero trying to stop massive amounts of robots from taking over the city. Choose from a number of heroes ranging from Jet Headstrong to Radium Dog in the quest to stop the evil Dr. Mayhem. Choose your characters wisely and try not to get captured.

Lucasfilm Games created the Dynatron saga, and now they're creating a game, Defenders of Dynatron Crty, that brings the saga to the NES. Here's a sneak preview of the game.

Dynatron City -- Better Living

It all began when Professor Myron built the world's first atomic-powered soft drink company to make Proto-Cola in Dynatron City. Not content to rest on his laurels the Professor created an atomic syrup and tested it on a lab monkey. When the monkey began to talk, the exerted Professor decided to dose himsert with the nuclear nectar. Unfortunate, the atomic syrup exaggerates whatever characteristics the imbiber already possesses -- and the Doctor turned into a real jerk, a super villain known as Dr. Mayhem.

In the meantime, Mr. Monkey turned into super crime fighter Monkey Kid, and with his trusty supply of the atomic potion he transformed Wendy Weedwacker, Proto-Cola plant worker, into Buzzsaw Girl A splash of the atomic syrup landed on the tool-bench and, voila, Toolbox, another mutant crime fighter. A few more splashes of the radioactive juice and three more superhuman heroes -- Jet Headstrong, Ms. Megawatt, and Radium Dog -- were ready to combat Dr. Mayhem's madness.

Here's where you come in. Command four of the atomic superheroes, each with their own unique superpower ability, in a one-player, five Chapter action/adventure quest to stop the mad doctor and his multiple mutants who overrun Dynatron City.

As you roam the city streets you'll find that different team members battle better in different situations. Grab special items that enable you to activate your team's superpowers and power-up your characters. At the end of each Chapter grab a supercharger that enables your team to battle Dr. Mayhem in a fight to the finish for Dynatron City.

Defender's First

Defenders of Dynatron City is next in a series of unique games based on several Lucasfilm properties (i.e. Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back) on its way from Lucasfilm Games. We'll have an in-depth review when the game is a little closer to completion!

Team up with the wacky superheroes of Dynatron City as they battle Dr. Mayhem and his evil minions in 3-D action/adventure. The Defenders have wacky weapons like the Atomic Powered Bite which they use to defend themselves against the likes of the Anthropomorphasized Sewer Vermin.

Dynatron City is under siege from Dr. Mayhem, and it's up to the Defenders to save the city. Choose Jet Headstrong, Radium Dog, or Ms. Megawatt as your leader then get Toolbox, Monkey Kid, and Buzzsaw Girl as your other characters. There are different missions to accomplish before fighting Dr. Mayhem. If crime fighting is your interest, then check out Defenders of Dynatron City.

People say:


This game does possess many of the features you'll find in the best action games but the execution and overall composition of the title come up short. What you're left with is a very average cart that does very little to break the molds of previous titles within this genre.


Unfortunately this cart just never gets off the starting blocks. It doesn't have any unique features and is just another action game. Perhaps it will appeal to the very young or those who are into Saturday morning cartoons but I, for one, just wasn't impressed.


If this cart were released 3 years ago it would of been considered substandard. The game play reminds me of Heroes of the Lance and the graphics are definitely below average. The game just doesn't have any cool features unless you like being a hammerhead.


Defenders of Dynatron City should go back to the drawing boards! This game is truly bad in all respects. The graphics are substandard, the music is shoddy, and the game play is nonexistent. If you want a taste of the what a game shouldn't be, Defenders of Dynatron City is it!

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