Heroes of the Lance

a game by U.S. Gold
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master System NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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  • Manufacturer: Seal of Quality
  • Machine: Nintendo

The Biggest News in the History of Krynn! Heroes of the Lance Is Here!

The first official ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game for Nintendo!

Big news for AD&D gamers! Now you can play the first Official ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS action game made for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Heroes of the Lance is a challenging action-adventure game based on the popular Dragons of Despair DRAGONLANCE module. The player takes control of eight fighting fantasy characters, guiding the brave companions through exciting encounters with dragons and dwarves...magic and monsters, in their quest for the precious Disks of Mishakal. Decide the fate of the world of Krynn. Vanquish the ancient black dragon Khisanth or be doomed to failure! Look for the Official ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS trademark to be sure you're getting the only authorized AD&D Nintendo products. Get Heroes of the Lance, the newest fast-action game from FCI.


  1. Action-packed animation graphics
  2. Eight characters each with special scills.
  3. Fight giant spiders, Gully Dwarves, dragons and monstrous Draconians
  4. Defend yourself with magic and an arsenal of weapons

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Game Reviews

Dungeon and Dragon fans everywhere rejoice! FCI is bringing you the first official Dungeons and Dragons game for the NES. Heroes of the Lance is an action game based on the Dragons of Despair. In this mythic adventure, you take control of eight fantasy characters. From the warrior to the dwarf, each of your characters has different skills and attributes. You and your brave companions set out in search of the Disks of Mishakal knowing your success or failure may determine the fate of the entire world of Krynn. During your journey you'll have strange and magical encounters with dragons, dwarves, and other mythical monsters. To defend yourself you'll have magic, an arsenal of weapons, and all of the smarts you can muster. This game, the first in a long-awaited series based on the Dungeon and Dragon computer titles, is a must for fantasy adventure fans everywhere.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the Lance is based on Dragon Lance book and Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

You control eight heroes descending into ruined city of Xak Tsaroth, where you must face the ancient dragon Khisanth and retrieve the relic, Disks of Mishakal.

Each character has different types of attacks and spells making them more suited to fighting different enemies.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the Lance is a RPG style game. The gameplay consists of horizontal fighting with a maze like map using doors to change the view. You can using one character at a time, but you can switch between them at any time. Battles take place in real time from a side-view perspective.

The game is based on Dragonlance book "Dragons of Autumn Twilight". Your aim is to get through the ancient city of Xak Tsaroth and defeat Khisanth the Dragon to receive Disks of Mishakal. You can switch between one of eight characters: Caramon Majere the warrior and his brother Raistlin Majere the mage, Tasslehoff Burrfoot the rogue, Flint Fireforge the dwarf, princess Goldmoon, her betrothed Riverwind, Sturm Brightblade the knight and Tanis Half-Elven - the "natural leader" of the team.

This RPG game was published in 1990 by Strategic Simulations. Each character has it's own techniques and spells. However, most part of game looks like usual horizontal-scrolling fighting. The "Heroes of the Lance" issue was followed by three more A&D games: "Dragon Strike", "Pool of Radiance" and "Hillsfar".

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