Mystaria: Realm of Lore

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a game by Micro Cabin Corp.
Platform: Saturn (1995)
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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Mystaria: Realm of Lore
Mystaria: Realm of Lore
Mystaria: Realm of Lore
Mystaria: Realm of Lore

The Shining Force series on the Genesis contains some of my all-time favorites. Mystaria k tures the same style of battles (Turn-based hex grid), except that you now see the action in 3-D.

Mystaria doesn't have the best story in the world, but it's pretty good, with characters that have some personality to them.

You have at your disposal multiple weapon attacks, magic and even the option of using your bare hands! You start with four characters and steadily increase membership as the adventure progresses.The way you go up in levels is a little slower than I would normally prefer, but doesn't detract too much from the overall experience.

What does take away from the game is the save game system which sometimes forces you to replay long battles, and the camera movements which can cause dizziness and confusion, usually at the same time. Mystaria has its flaws, but still comes out as a must have for Saturn owners looking for an RPG.

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