FIFA18 - Steampunk

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a game by Frostbite
Platform: PC
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FIFA18 - Steampunk
FIFA18 - Steampunk
FIFA18 - Steampunk
FIFA18 - Steampunk

FIFA18 - Steampunk is a good pastime if you play alone, and extremely intense-adrenaline if you fight with friends or strangers online. EA Sports has spent a good part of its life studying what soccer is and how it can be brought to life virtually. In doing so, they've invested a lot of time and technology into the physics engine. They put a lot of creativity and love into every new FIFA release. The Steampunk version is a hack with unlimited coins and open players, where the player can have endless fun on the soccer field.


In career mode, the player gets to experience what it's really like to be a high-level soccer pro. Live through the controversial moments for the player - disagreements with the manager, salary negotiations, intense training. Make dreams come true - the opportunity to run on London's (not Africa's) soccer courts, to buy five brand-new sports cars, and high social status. The influence of the player on the course of the story is exaggerated, but it will even be possible to move the main character (who is automatically named Alex Hunter) in the Brazilian or Spanish league. Now the player can choose the hairstyle, clothes and tattoos for Alex Hunter.

If we compare FIFA18 with the previous versions of the series, for example FIFA 17 or FIFA 16, we will see, that Artificial Intelligence became much more defensive. Such changes are appropriate, because the soccer tracks show that there is more physical contact, now it is more difficult to run to the goal and calmly bypass the defense. Even on low difficulty levels, opponents are now pressuring players much more tightly. The defense is bifurcated, with two players running at the attacker. Teammates act more intelligently and appear in the right place at the right time. Passes now need to be more accurate so they can reach your teammate. Additionally, the position and speed of players has a much bigger impact on how they receive the ball.


The story itself is shown through cut-scenes. The attempt to turn TV interviews and character talk about clothes into a great work of art fails. The main character Hunter is completely devoid of personality and charm. There is no dramaturgy, although the screen is a journey from the beggarly bottom to the sports Olympus, to empathize and feel empathy on an emotional level. The player doesn't really influence the course of the story, the developers give one or two path options on each segment, so FIFA18 is more of an interactive movie. The gameplay goes like this: a game, then a choice scene, then the game again.


  • A hacked version that gives you the option of not having to donate, getting the same options as the players
  • Powerful gameplay that's even more realistic
  • Beloved licensed players and soccer fields


  • No new modes or technical quantum leaps
  • Weak story with no drama

FIFA18 - Steampunk is an improved version of FIFA18 that gives unlimited features while retaining the best of the EA soccer series.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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