Formula One 06

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a game by SCE Studio Liverpool
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.2/10 - 5 votes
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Formula One 06
Formula One 06
Formula One 06

The championships of the world's most prominent racing format are coming up. You can bet that there's a game that will release around the event. The excitement makes racing fans want to put themselves at the forefront of the action. That's totally understandable, and why Formula One 06 has spawned to satisfy the fanbase of the 2006 competition.

These games tend to be released year on year to match up with the event. However, it's arguable that they've seen a bit of decline over the past couple. We don't forget the infamous mistake with the Minardi drivers in the last one! But alas, Formula One has had its driving mechanics increasingly refined. The 06 version should still be a better experience.

You Drive Me Right Round

Anybody that's played but a single game in the series knows that we can't question its place in the racing genre. Formula One 06 has all the hallmarks of a decent racing game - good driving mechanics, immersive visuals, and engaging game modes. Though it's been pretty 'rinse and repeat for the last few years, each game does see some attempted innovation.

The 2006 edition sees a new damage system, career mode improvements, trophy cabinets, and new unlockables. Nothing that will totally stun their players, but enough to keep long-term fans of the series intrigued. The few improvements also present the game's main problem, though. There simply isn't enough to keep you focused.

There's always that argument that if you've played one Formula One game, you've played them all. While I don't believe that's strictly correct, there is an element of truth to that. Anybody that would dedicate their time to the exhibition modes and arcade modes could get bored very quickly. It has to rely on the career mode to innovate and add excitement.

While the career mode is entertaining - Formula One 06 does fall short of garnering player commitment. Players would still be more inclined to test their cognitive skills in single races rather than dedicate long periods to the intricacies of a Formula One career. That makes for limited gameplay and ultimately a lack of interest after some time.

It's the Same Old Track

It's the same old story again with Formula One 06 - and leaves a lot of desire for change rather than just add new teams, drivers, tracks, and tweaked mechanics. It does leave dedicated fans with a sour taste in their mouth that the developers have no commitment to the beloved franchise. Even F1 Grand Prix, its rival release, seemed to feel a little more fleshed.


It's hard to criticize too much, considering the limitations of the sport. Too much innovation in such a genre, and you could end up taking a wild ride outside reality. But there are options - perhaps more focus on a player narrative could help inject some life into the game? Or even it's painfully absent multiplayer? Well, there's room for improvement - but Formula One 06 is palatable.


  • Still one of the best F1 franchise games out there
  • New tracks, teams, and drivers that are worth playing
  • A refined racing experience for the Formula One fan


  • Nothing innovative about the game
  • Feels like it's not an improvement on its predecessor
  • Visually lackluster given its release at the end of the PS2 lifecycle

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Playstation 2

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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